Fez Left Broken, Highlighting How XBLA Shoots Itself in the Foot


Long-awaited Xbox Live Arcade title Fez received a patch last month fixing a long list of issues. However, despite this patch taking more than two months after the game's initial release to show up, it proved to introduce a serious issue of its own: it could corrupt players' save game files. The update was pulled from Xbox Live and we've been awaiting a fixed version, only we now know one is not coming. Developer Polytron has announced its decision to re-release the patch as-is due to the cost involved in issuing a new one. This is yet another illustration of how Microsoft has hamstrung Xbox Live Arcade and ensured that, without changes, it will never fulfill its potential.

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ThatsGaming2741d ago

Developers should ship quality, well tested software the first time.

XBLA should not be blamed for a lack of quality from a developer. If they would've tested their game fully the first time, it wouldn't be an issue.

Stop relying on gamers to buy and test software... Gamers should buy and enjoy...