Nintendo's Iwata: Being first to market isn't important

Microsoft's one-year head start on Sony this generation is often cited as one of the reasons the Xbox 360 has established such a dominant lead over the PlayStation 3.

By that logic, the Wii U should be in a good position for the next generation, given it will have at least one year to build an installed base before it has to worry about competition for other console makers. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's global president, however, isn't a big believer in that theory. First to market, he says, might be a nice bragging right, but in terms of the bottom-line, it's relatively meaningless.

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SandWitch2749d ago

Because when the competitors arrive first to market console has:
- More games
- Lowered price
- Bigger install base

And then competitors need a lot of time to catch up

ChickeyCantor2749d ago

You might want to read the complete set of quotes.
Iwata is just being obscure again.

He basically says that even if they don't come out first, they will impact the industry eitherway. At least that is what I deducted from the quotes.

ronin4life2749d ago

Perhaps. But remember: the Wii was a year "Late" and still trumped the 360 handily, taking away the 360's price advantage and besting it in install base very quickly.

Morrigan-Aensland2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

The Wii's price was half the price of the Xbox 360.

Ps1, PS2 were successful because of releasing first. There are a lot of contributing factors that makes a system successful but launching early with a cheap price point helps a lot

I must say that I'm not too excited about the Wii u as when it was initially announced last year and this year's e3 showing didn't help but made me more skeptical about it. Nintendo knew they would be launching a system this year but they look unprepared to enter the market with Wii u. I love buying new video game consoles but its the Wii us hardware power seems too reminiscent of hd consoles of this gen.

JBSleek2749d ago

Not quite sure you actually read the article but I'm going to assume you didn't by your reaction.

Now if that is the case the Wii came out last and had a better price and came out on top so their isn't a science to coming out first or even last it is more about who has the most compelling system as starting out a year early will net you at the most 7 Million head start after that it's up to the consumer what is best for them.

stuna12749d ago

Could not have been said better!

PopRocks3592749d ago


Being first didn't help the Dreamcast in the long run. Just sayin'.

AJBACK2FRAG2749d ago

Or Microsoft. If they waited a year and research and developed the hell out of their "box" I swear to god I think they'd be sittin' pretty in first place! They have the best online gaming service with Xbox Live. I particularly don't care for the 360 but even I'd have to admit they got the games. Call of Duty's, Skyrim, Bioshock, Halo (I guess?) and the Gears series.
... but they lied to their customers. If they'd have said," Hey. We messed up give us chance to correct the problem..." They'd probably have eighty million units sold!

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stuna12749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

This is a statement that Sony has been trying to get fanboys to understand for the last 6 years!

@ronin4life, precisely!

What Iwata said is true, because the wii proved it, ir-regardless of how they did it.

Tzuno2749d ago

Hahahahahhh come on man.

sonic9892749d ago

will i agree with mister iwata
it doesnt matter for me as long as the system is ready
and being the best it can be
no technical errors or old technologies being used so waiting isnt a bad idea nintendo didnt race to release its console early at all i mean even the wii was released after the competition the same for the game cube
anyway i will be waiting for the ps4 ( sorry iwata )

Salamander2749d ago

Your sceptical about WiiU yet deadset on purchasing an unannounced console?....

sonic9892748d ago

i didnt say i am buying a ps4 but i will be waiting for it and the next xbox
since the WII U in my opinion didnt impress me at all of course they have their fans and all to support them and its not like my purchase would affect them its easy i am not buying one and thats it
sony impressed me with the ps3 so logical thinking i would be waiting for them to announce their system
well i like future proof stuff with amazing games of course
and about the characters i grew with different characters sonic ristar tiny toon at that time tmnt crash and others but not nintendo characters do you understand why now its all about the systems for me

Jadedz2749d ago

They'll continue supporting the Wii, even after the Wii U launches.

Anyways, he's right about not having to be first entering a new generation, just as long as your product differs from the competitions's (and is popular), then it doesn't matter when you launch a product.

The problem with the Xbox 360 and PS3 was, they are too much alike. It's obvious the PS3 offers a few more benefits (Blu-ray, free online), but it wasn't enough to entice the majority of consumers to part ways with their Xbox 360 consoles.

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