[KKEnt] Preview of War Z in Full Detail with Key Features and Screen Shots

Kuma Wrote: OH MY GOD! The Zombie Apocalypse is coming…but not in the form that all of you were wishing for. This new MMO is coming from a new independent developer Hammerpoint Interactive working with Arktos Entertainment bring you zombie fans The War Z (TWZ). It will be a session based massively multiplayer online game (MMO); which is inspired by all Zombie stories. The story will be set in a true post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world where players will not only have to survive Zombie hordes, but as well as threats from other players. We all know that the true threat would be dealing with the desperation of humanity versus the undead when it comes to survival. The game is planned to be released this fall and this, but so far there is no video yet of the game-play, however acquired some nice screen shots.

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aliengmr2741d ago

The problem this game faces is going to be trying to cater to the most amount of people. DayZ is pretty clear about not being for everyone, myself included, and I like that. Assuming the gameplay isn't total garbage, it will have to avoid becoming a generic MMO with zombies.

I honestly can't see how this game will be a success. It was obviously rushed to capitalize on the success of DayZ regardless of who started production first.

SavageKuma2741d ago

I believe the game is too late because at this point a lot of us are getting tired of the Zombie Genre, definitely getting played out to the point where people need a mixture like Secret World which mixes up everything. Maybe this game will succeed, maybe not unless they do something the Zombie folk have not seen before.