Just 4% of Ubisoft cash comes from PS Vita and 3DS games

New handhelds contributed just four per cent of Ubisoft's total revenue for the recent quarter, financial documents show.

Money made from Ubisoft's Nintendo 3DS games amounted to just two per cent of the publisher's total revenues. Its PlayStation Vita games, such as Rayman Origins and Asphault injection, also contributed two per cent of total income. Nintendo DS games amassed about 1 per cent, as did PSP games.

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SandWitch2745d ago

In Vita case you don't have to be genius to understand that the install base is very small at the moment.

But heck 3DS with its quite big 18 mil install base made only 2 percent?

Sanquine902745d ago

Hahah vita gamers have a lot more to spend! I know because i have about 14 vita games:D

Games coming:D

- 7 AUgustus Sound shapes
- 28 augustus Madden NFL

De games in oktober:
- Streetfighter X tekken

- Assasinscreed:liberation 31 oktober
- Playstation allstars battle royale 23 oktober
-Silent hill : book of memories
-Need for speed most wanted 30 oktober ( DIt is gameplay van console soz)
- WRC 3 oktober 12

- Warrior Lair ( als niet uitgesteld wordt)

Sorry i wrote it in dutch:D

imXify2745d ago

This is because the 3DS base doesn't give a cr*p about games other than Mario/Zelda and etc.

Same thing happened with Sega and their games

BanditGamer2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

X360 42%?
That is a ridiculous amount for one console.

Skate-AK2744d ago

I wonder what 42% will drop to after Wii U comes out. Since it will be split between 3 major consoles.

Chippydip2744d ago

these are brand new systems. this topic is fake news.