EA: Dead Space "pretty scary" for solo play, "so we introduced co-op"

Too many fingernails were bitten clean off because Dead Space was 'too scary' for some to play on their lonesome. EA's solution was to introduce co-op play in Dead Space 3.

Laura Miele of EA said they were getting feedback that people "love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary," and that the "obvious next step" was co-op support.

The scare tactics of the original two Dead Space titles were so strong because of its single player design, reckons EA Games marketing boss Laura Miele. Unfortunately it turned some people away from the IP as their gamer constitutions didn't feel all that comfortable playing solo.

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spunnups2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

coop? are you kiddin me? yeah sure lets cater to all the pu$$ies that cant handle the reason why we love these games, the scare factor!

nice job EA, u just ruined another franchise.

EDIT: i commented after reading the short arricle abd before watching the video, at least its an option and not mandatory, i thought they were going the Resident Evil route completely

lashes2ashes2744d ago

It's been stated that in single player it's just as scary as the first two games so what's you're problem if you want classic dead space play it buy you're self like I'm going to. You do not have to play co op

adorie2744d ago

he'sprobably miffed because instead of focusing anything on a multiplayer experience, we could be playing the sequel we all want(ed)

CGI-Quality2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Will this line of thinking, Amnesia: The Dark Descent needs co-op, pronto!

In all seriousness, the "scares" are what kept people coming back for more.

Megaton2744d ago

EA's got the process of ruining franchises down to an exact science.

NYC_Gamer2744d ago

EA is just using this excuse to water down the experience

Mythicninja2744d ago

Is this the pussy generation or something? Bitch, I grew up with REAL resident evils. Having said that, I can see how OPTIONAL co op could work, but that would never trump the dark, scared, and alone experience

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The story is too old to be commented.