Six games everybody hated that sold millions anyway

OXM's Edwin writes: "Everybody knows that online reaction and review scores don't necessarily correspond to game sales, but when you're hitting F5 half your life, it can be easy to forget.

There's a whole ecosystem of wallet-armed brains beyond the spiky fortifications of gaming proper, brains that often base their judgements on marketing materials and brand recognition alone. Don't believe us? Glance down this list of games that should have sold bugger-all, yet somehow didn't."

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Them_Bones2748d ago

On the internet it's cool to hate on popular things, so pretty much anything that sells millions has haters.

MaxXAttaxX2748d ago

On the internet it's also cool to generalize and assume that everyone thinks it's cool to hate on popular things.

So that's not always the case.

It's the same thing with movies. Many times you have pretty bad movies with terrible reviews and they're at the top of the box office.

KingME2748d ago

Don't agree with COD being on the list. All the others I did pass on.

thats_just_prime2748d ago

cod and star wars are just flame bait. Tons of people liked both.

Gaming1012747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

This should be titled "6 games I personally hate that sold well anyway". Those games don't sell well because people hate them, it's because they actually enjoy playing them dummy - the author has a screw loose. just because you hate fitness games or call of duty doesn't mean no one else in the world does. Oh wait, he writes for official xbox magazine, of course he has a screw loose.

Of course regarding transformers, that game actually was crap.

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SavageKuma2748d ago

Very true. The most money comes from people that bash stuff.

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WeskerChildReborned2748d ago

Yep, anything that is mainstream basically gets hate.

Anon19742748d ago

You hit the nail right on the head. When something becomes popular it doesn't matter if it's a movie, videogame, tv show, band, you name it - suddenly it'll garner hate for absolutely no reason. GTA4 was a masterpiece and sold very well yet there's the haters, hating all over it. Bioware used to be everyone's favourite and now it doesn't matter what they do, people want to dump all over them. Forget about the Mass Effect 3 ending thing, people were lining up to hate that game before it ever released. Gran Turismo was nitpicked to death months before it even came out, Diablo 3 had people up in arms because they didn't like the colors used, and despite being a solid game people bash it at every opportunity. MW3 is a strong game overall, yet you'd think based on the forums that Activision took a dump on your console.

If it's popular, you can bet the internet will hate it, regardless of the actual quality of said product.

Imalwaysright2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

"regardless of the actual quality of said product." And who are you to set the standard of quality of any product? We are NOT mindless drones and each of us has the right to have an opinion!

GTA4 was boring to me. It felt like a shore to finish it. I didnt like the story, characters and the dark look of the city. Everything felt depressing in a franchise where to me was about mindless fun, The Radio's stations were crap but i was already expecting it since today music is crap anyway. Taking variety and RPG elements from previous installments didnt help either.

Bioware is making more and more streamlined games. Their games arent as complex and deep has some of their older franchises. Its naive to think that every Bioware fan is happy about it. DA2 was horrible and ME3 has been debated to hell and there is no point in keep arguing about it.

GT is in my opinion a great game but it had MANY flaws at launch. Since then PD has been working to improve their game and they stand as one of my most respected devs in the industry. Still the flaws were there and people had every right to have a negative view towards them and criticize them.

As soon as Blizzard announced that we had always to be online i knew that i wouldnt waste my time or money with D3.

I never played a single CoD game so naturally i wont comment on it.

Now i dare you to tell me that i shouldnt feel this way about these games.

otherZinc2748d ago

Maybe the author is stupid: A friggin series sold MILLIONS! COD, hate it all you want you inter-net know it alls, the game is good.

I dont prefer it but its a very good game. You dont get repeat sales by Marketing you Idiots!

Them_Bones2748d ago

When CoD4 first came out it was a f*cking masterpiece back in 2007, so good that people told their friends and word spread really quick, activision thought 'looks like we have a powerhouse franchise in our hands' and then decided to just milk the series refusing to improve anything because they simply didn't need to, the demand was still there.
The series to me has never been bad or anything less that good (although I don't even play the multiplayer but I still know what the story is there) but it's really showing it's age now and that's what most people will hate if for. The developers don't deserve all the money they are getting for such little work in comparison to developers like rockstar.

jimbobwahey2748d ago

I still enjoy the COD games and buy them each year. People will say that it's the same game over and over, but they make more improvements than I've seen other developers of shooters manage, and the developers always cram a hell of a lot of content into the COD games as well that make it easily worth the money.

I mean take for example that most multiplayer shooters will ship with about 8 multiplayer maps, COD always gives you 16 by default. Most games have crappy/tacked-on co-op modes as well, but in COD they're fully fleshed out with a huge amount of content and missions. It's things like this that bring me back to COD, because in my opinion at least, they give you so much content and hours of fun for the money that it's hard to pass on.

showtimefolks2748d ago

OP get one thing straight

homefront is the main reason THQ is is trouble, they put too much into one game than invested heavily into advertisement only to come out and not sell 10 plus million

i am not into fitness or exercise games but i should be lol. I think if anything gaming has evolved a bit where you can get in shape while playing so not bad. Not sure why anyone would hate on that

Resident evil 5 was a good game but its not resident evil by any means. Watch from everything i have read about RE6 its not looking good. Capcom is trying to please all sides and they will fail at it. Let me ask you a simple thing when this gen began capcom had a lot of talented devs working for them guess what now most of them have either started their ow studios or came to a western publisher. That's what happens when sequels are all a company want to do. There would not a a dead rising game if it wasn't for one of their guys hiding the development till it was 50% done so capcom had to push it out the door.

after THQ capcom is next in line and i don't buy their games new i rather give my money to gamestop buying used than to these greedy bastards with all their on disk dlc

star wars force unleashed was a good game but nothing amazing but since its SW you know it was gonna sell

call of duty is a good series and they make good games no one can deny that its just we have seen it all time for something new and fresh. But sad thing is core gamers make such a small % of the gaming community that we can hate it all we want as long as noobs/casuals keep buying it nothing is gonna stop it. But just like guitar hero the day is coming sooner rather than later when activision won't be able to sell COD as well

tranformers games are ok to good but since its TF you know it will do well

Ravenor2747d ago

By Homefront, you must mean uDraw 360/PS3.

It wasn't Homefront entirely, uDraw caused far more harm then Homefront.

Ranma12748d ago

Final Fantasy XIII

didnt deserve the sales it made...the sales which came from brand name alone

Gamer19822748d ago

I loved res 5 the co-op system made it even better. The only haters was those who wanted it to be llike previous games. If you want that your out of luck but games evolve over time its a sad fact some for the better some for the worse. I personally prefer the new feel resident evil. Dislike new FF games though minus 13-2.

gamerben2748d ago

Final Fantasy VII = Evidence

GuyThatPlaysGames2748d ago

**Waiting for someone to troll about CoD** waittt for ittt....

Oh_Yeah2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

games will sell well just because of a big name -__-
me personally idgaf who makes it or how good the prequal was.
i look at gameplay vids or try demos out before i get a game.

TitanUp2747d ago

don't hate things just because its popular most of the time if i hate a game its cause i really don't like it or feel that it could have been better.

i liked resident evil 5
i liked forced unleashed 1 and 2
i liked homefront

now cod is a half and half thing for me.

i like the campaign mode but im so tired of multiplayer.

just played a little over 30 mins of mw3 multiplayer.

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Jam_sponge2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


Everybody seems to like Skyrim, Battlefield and Minecraft.

Them_Bones2748d ago

Skyrim and BF3 have got plenty of haters, usually for skyrim it's because of all the glitches and the fact that people can't get over their nostalgia of previous elder scrolls games and appreciate the new one, and for BF3 it's because the game was a downgrade from BC2 in terms of destruction, weapon balancing, server renting etc.
I don't know anything about minecraft so I can't judge it.

Disco Downey2748d ago

I dont like Skyrim cos its super repetitive and the combat is a travesty.

Dasteru2747d ago

Its human nature to bias towards a first experience and never feel like anything newer is as good. Why do you think FFVII is so well regarded. IV, VI and IX were all better games (90% of FF fans who have been around since the start will agree) but all the FF's before it were still a niche to some extent. A large portion of the current FF fanbase started their experience with VII and will therefor always regard it as the best.

Disco Downey2748d ago

I dont like any of those three games.

MySwordIsHeavenly2748d ago

Read: I don't like video games.

Sargerus2748d ago

People hate BF3 because of EA and Origin, hardcore Oblivion fans hate Skyrim because they think Skyrim is too simple, people hate Minecraft because of it's graphics and don't have guns/explosions

gamerben2748d ago

I've seen a fair share of minecraft haters, especially on this site :P

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NYC_Gamer2748d ago

Everybody didn't hate those games just many folks on gaming forums did

spunnups2748d ago

I didnt hate RE5, But I can see why others did.

General Shrooms2748d ago

the worst RE to date, its about to be trumped though.

Sargerus2748d ago

you obviously didn't play RE Survivor or RE Operation Raccon City

StarFox2747d ago

you obviously have never played RE Gaiden.

Vandamme212748d ago

RE5 was just wasn't as good as RE4.

2748d ago
aDDicteD2748d ago

and it was inferior to resident evil 1,2,3, code veronica, 4.

Heavenly King2748d ago

For me RE4 is better than the previous games. And RE5 is like RE4 on steroids; in other words the best RE for me is RE5.

Treian2748d ago

RE5 was awful...nothing like RE4