Patapost Friday: Demo-pon, Pata-Details

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer of SCEA, writes:

"Where's the demo? What about the demo? When are we going to get a demo? Why no demo? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

So to answer: no, we will not have a demo.

At least not your run-of-the-mill-this-is-meh demo … we couldn't do that for Patapon. That would be - as Rolito would say - tre passé. So instead we've conjured up some mad PSP Juju and created the first ever demo-to-final save technology, also includes a demo-only exclusive: The Spear of Protection, an ultra-rare pon-weapon."

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Skerj4384d ago

I wish Sony put this much effor behind ALL their first party games, the pricing is perfect, they're giving out incentives to preorder. The only thing left is to start the commercials and advertising. One of the most original titles to come out in years, it must be known by the masses.

freakyzeeky4384d ago

So... when will GameStop receive their demos? :D

Fighter4384d ago

I want them to do this on the PSN.

freakyzeeky4384d ago

That would also work too... :)