Terminal Map Finally Arrives On Modern Warfare 3…And It’s Broken

The highly anticipated Terminal map for Modern Warfare 3 has arrived, but it also sees the return of the infamous infinite Care Package Glitch

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CaptainCamper3141d ago

Yeah...Kinda feel a bit stupid for expecting any different to be honest :D

paddystan3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

That the map thingy is broken is just a part of their secret plan. Why? Their next step is: Pay for a fix!

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venom063141d ago

YEP... as expected... CoD fails and sux as a franchise.. and the sky is blue and water is wet

iamnsuperman3140d ago

I am not sure you can say CoD fails as a franchise. Think about it. It keeps selling a lot so surely it is a quite a successful franchise. It "sux" is a matter of opinion but failing I am not sure anyone can argue with the numbers.

youndamie3141d ago

Wow so it really was a cut and paste smh

Skate-AK3141d ago

Well they say the glitch doesn't involve Termnal. It is straight copy and paste though cause it has a separate glitch that was also in MW2.

SJPFTW3141d ago

all they had to do was copy and paste... and still fail

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The story is too old to be commented.