Best JRPGs

Gamesradars's enemies stop and wait for them to decide what their favorite games are.

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KingofGambling3146d ago

Honorable mention Suikoden II.
Hey Konami I'm still waiting for Suikoden VI.

TheoreticalParticle3146d ago

Probably not happening. They're too busy ruining the world with the Tierkreis games.

3146d ago
Grap3146d ago

WE WANT Persona 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 NOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW

tiffac0083146d ago

I think Konami wants to continue the True Rune Saga but Yoshitaka Murayama the creator of Suikoden declined their offer. The reasons are unknown.

But it saddens me that Suikoden will not get a proper closure that it deserves. :(

Them_Bones3146d ago

Star wa... Final Fantasy XII!

Lovable3146d ago

Persona 4! Currently replaying the game for the 5th time...Sooooooo gooooood!!!

Godmars2903146d ago

Current JRPG makers - Square - need to seriously look at older, generally well regarded titles and realized what they did right. further realize that they're doing it wrong.

The costs of production on HD consoles have utterly crippled creative development this gen on those systems.

Chrono3146d ago

Replace Pokemon and it will be a great list.

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The story is too old to be commented.