Xbox 360 shipments down 35 per cent

Microsoft shipped 1.1 million Xbox 360 consoles in the three months ending June 30, a decline of 35 per cent from last year's 1.7 million.

Despite that decline, Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division - which includes its Xbox business - saw revenue rise 20 per cent in the fourth quarter and eight per cent for the year as a whole. That, however, was largely put down to the acquisition of Skype.

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hennessey863146d ago

I am sure we will see a steady decline from now until the beginning of the next gen

Grap3146d ago

yah. nothing Shocking we are at the end of this gen. and not very good gen.

nukeitall3146d ago

MS hasn't had a price drop since 2009! Both Nintendo Wii and Sony PS3 had price drops and all are declining!

Put that in perspective and it is clear it is an industry issue i.e. the cycle that happens every generation.

The question is why are people still buying Xbox 360 at the current price?

Lvl_up_gamer3143d ago

Answer: Because people are still discovering value in the product that they feel is worth their money.

OneAboveAll3146d ago

But everyone pretty much already has one. Those that don't do not want one because they have another platform. Time to release the next-gen.

cstyle3146d ago

This means that they could be shifting more resources to the next xbox. Good time are coming.

Perjoss3146d ago

This is a good chance for Sony to catch up

JBSleek3146d ago

Why would that possibly even matter?

Siren303146d ago

You can bet that the ps3 is down too.

greenpowerz3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

How will that happen when the trend is universal to consoles? I guess some fans of other consoles didn't like the first article about the MS report and is trying to use this as damage control?

sandman2243146d ago

Great. That's what I like to hear. If it keeps dropping maybe they'll put a rush on delivering there new console.

kneon3146d ago

Are you sure you really want them to rush the next console? I don't think anyone is interested in RROD part 2 so they would be better off taking the time to get it right from the start.

sandman2243146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

True, no one wants that to happen to there console unless your a Sony fanboy. I just want that feeling you get when opening a new game console. It feels like I'm only going to get that feeling 2 more times before I die. I'm sure most of the younger crowd aren't in a hurry but us older guys have less time to play the older we get. Especially when it feels like new consoles are going to be released once every 10 years.

greenpowerz3146d ago

That goes for everybody. People always conviently forget PS1 and PS2 had major hardware issues where Sony had lawsuits against them for not fixing or replacing PS2's

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The story is too old to be commented.