No denial from Xbox Japan boss over Resi 5 exclusivity

Is Capcom's top franchise set for Xbox 360 exclusivity? Speculation over the destination of Capcom's latest Resident Evil horror blockbuster has been reignited, with Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui refusing to deny fresh rumours that Microsoft has snatched exclusivity for the game.

The first next-gen instalment in Capcom's lucrative zombie franchise, which was announced for both PS3 and 360 last year, was conspicuous by its complete absence from this week's pivotal Tokyo Game Show, despite being pencilled in for a release by March 2007 according to the Japanese company's own fiscal reports.

Industry chatter at the Tokyo event claimed Resident Evil's no-show is owing to Microsoft tying up a shock exclusivity deal for 360, with an announcement due at the US firm's X06 event in Barcelona next week.

Speaking exclusively to at TGS 2006, Xbox boss Sensui refused to pour cold water on the rumour when questioned, stating that it had already been announced for Xbox 360 and adding, somewhat enigmatically: "All I can say is we are very good friends with Mr Inafune [the game's producer]".

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UrbanJabroni5846d ago

This, in conjuntion with Dead Rising, would be quite the coup for MS. Not saying it is true, but the slogan "Xbox 360, your ONLY home for next gen zombie goodness" sounds pretty good for Microsoft.

Of course, it is just rumors right now, but I expect X06 to be a madhouse of news nonetheless.

hardwood20015846d ago

Resi 5 exclusive denied
Tuesday 26-Sep-2006 11:02 AM Rumours from Japan that Resi 5 will be 360 exclusive have been shot down by Capcom

Word from Japan had suggested that Resident Evil 5 will be exclusive to Xbox 360 for a year but that's not the case, Capcom tells us this morning...

"Resident Evil 5 will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 as announced. There a no plans for an exclusive with the game", a spokesperson from the company told us.

They went on to add that it's still very early days for the sequel, which means, unfortunately, it's likely to be some considerable time before anything of the project is seen outside of Capcom HQ.

Anticipation surrounding Resi 5 is GARGANTUAN thanks to Capcom's incredible reinvention of the series with Resident Evil 4. We will, of course, bring you further news on Resident Evil 5 as and when we get it.

UrbanJabroni5846d ago

The actual sad news to come out of the article is as follows:

" They went on to add that it's still very early days for the sequel..."

I knew that was probably the case but I didn't want to believe it. They did make a good point regarding anticipation after Resident Evil 4...that game really saved the series.

Oh well...looks like another year on this one.

That's all my bubbles for this one, ladies and gentleman.

(Note, this thread has got to be one of the best we've had going in a while...for such a hotly passionate topic most of us really managed to stay civil and on track. Keep it up!)

TheMART5846d ago

So which game's next? DMC4?

Capcom is smelling the good moneyyyy on the nr. 1 games selling hot console 360

Eternal E 8085846d ago

i think M$ and capcon will be long time friends in this game bizz i tell you that becuase if they have faith of having one of there top franchises exclusive to the 360 means they think the 360 will have a big chance in japan or they just want the money?

Marty83705846d ago

This will never happen,as its already been announced Resi 5 is PS3 exclusive in Japan cos X360 don't sell.

Antan5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

sadly your all wrong, its coming on both 360 AND ps3. More people to enjoy what will no doubt be one of the premier games when it lands.

PS3 Ultimate5846d ago

ur going way too low. DMC4 is NOT coming to the 360. Its too late now. Capcom already made the big announcement and it had NOTHING to do with the 360. Only RE5 will be for the 360 and DEFINATELY for the PLAYSTATION 3!

RuffRyder5846d ago

Dont you remember assassins creed LOL

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