Shinji Mikami: Resident Evil 6 is less of a horror game, dislikes RE series continuing without him

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami reveals that he isn’t too fond for the RE series anymore. The developer admits that he doesn’t like the fact that someone else created Resident Evil 5 without him and that Resident Evil 6 seems “more like a Hollywood action film than a zombie game.”

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Them_Bones2284d ago

He finally publicly speaks his opinion on the matter.
Oh well sure what can you do lol.

sinncross2284d ago

Well, pretty much speaks the minds of many gamers.

I think RE6 looks like its going to be a fun action game... but an action game only.

That said, I am interested to see how Mikami's new project spans out...

WeskerChildReborned2284d ago

Same here, i like survival horrors cause they are awesome but the bad thing is i guess that they don't attract enough attention thus making games change to try to attract more of an audience like Dead Space 3, i loved that game because it was scary cause you don't know whats gonna happen and sometimes i would jump cause necromorphs would pop up at random times like unexpectedly but now, DS3 looks to be action as well and has universal ammo which kinda ruins the experience. I hope you can enable/disable universal ammo.

Treian2284d ago

the game even looks bad as a action game lol

DarkBlood2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

in a weird way the one of the reasons im getting this is for the continuation of the resident evil story *despite lack of horror etc* not for its gameplay even though i enjoy the gameplay changes since re4 since i still prefer the classic gameplay

so all in all had it not been called resident evil and the story having nothing to do it, i would have not really given the game with gameplay like this that much attention at all

and yes i realise it sounds like im getting sucked in because of the name

p.s looking forward to mikami's new game as well

Red_Orange_Juice2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

How about you stop riding RE pony and start new non-horror franchise, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it gots to be RE, name alone sells half the copies, other half is kids who just need zombies in their game

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showtimefolks2284d ago

capcom wants to please everyone so they are including different single player stories. I think this will back fire because from what i have heard the old style is still the best and everything else doesn't feel right

let's hope capcom gets it right but somehow i doubt that

YoungKingDoran2284d ago

what can he do??
he can make us a kickass, new horror game.
i have loved everything he has put out the last few years, and further back of course
+ suda51: killer7, shadows of the damned
vanquish, god hand, RE 1-4

Them_Bones2284d ago

He is making one though, it's a next gen title codenamed Zwei check it out.

yeahokchief2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )


SHinji Mikami for president of Capcom! Capcom should release all rights to resident evil to this guy. He created it.

Ditto on still not having played RE5 and I played every other game in the series and most of the spinoffs on the ps1/2. It's not survival horror anymore. Period.

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user54670072284d ago

So he pretty much agrees with the majority of RE fans

Dont buy the game on launch and Capcom will learn their lesson...what is so hard about that.

If I was him I would create a new IP just like RE.....Zombies, a mansion, a special team of characters going in to check things out. Not really copying when you created the RE fanchise. That would be a giant middle finger to Capcom

Treian2284d ago

He is creating a new IP. Zwei.

Baka-akaB2284d ago

yeah pulling a "bayonetta" could be nice

Kyosuke_Sanada2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I vote for the names "Necroshift", "Zerocyte" or "Cell Breaker"....

Simon_Brezhnev2283d ago

I agree with you but capcom has the dumbest fans. They will buy it just because it has RE in the name.

user54670072283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

You should see some on the fans on their Facebook fan page

People are actually believing Capcoms lies that it's a horror game. I feel like punching each person on the page who comment on their photos thanking them...I mean it's people like them why Capcom are so corrupt.

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Subzero2002284d ago

maybe that's cause he knows the game sucks now.

Leonesaurus2284d ago

I don't blame him one bit. Mikami's the fucking man!

Even though I still do enjoy "most" of the RE games that have come out since he left quite a bit, his games, especially the RE Remake, were the BEST hands down. They were also some of the best games in the industry and its history.

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