Sony May Announce A PS3 Price Cut Along With The New Model

With the very likely possibility of a new PS3 model announcement looming on the horizon, should we also expect a price cut? It seems reasonable.

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swansong2279d ago

A price cut on the PS3 should not come until sonys ps Vita is more stable in sales. A ps vita price cut to $199.99 with a 8gb card included would be perfect. If they price cut ps3 right now it would certainly hurt the sales of the ps vita even more.

Dante1122279d ago

It's gonna be VERY interesting if Sony does cut the price. Compared to last year (MS would outsell the PS3 as much as 250k in the US), the 360 only manages to outsell the PS3 by 40-50k for the months these days. Hope a price cut does come though, my cousin really wants a PS3 after seeing The Last of Us.

chukamachine2279d ago

The PS3 outsells the 360 worldwide by 50k a week.

I wish people would open their eyes.

dubt722279d ago

...until retail holidays when MS wipes the floor with them.

sinncross2279d ago

Price cut is a definite. New hardware is likely.

Sony just need to combo this with a price reduction (even if small) on all PS Move related hardware. It would be a great way to try entice current Wii owners to the PS3 since everything would then be cheaper (PS3 and move). With something like Wonderbook which has the potential to be popular for Sony, they wont want to miss out on getting a good demographic, but as always: its about the price.

That said, I think Sony will spend a lot of time on the PSV (well after the E3 conference I sort of hope they do). There is lots of really good games coming out, but I think many people just dont know and thats the problem Sony is facing.

But the PS3 stuff seems likely... definitely good move in face of the WiiU and 360.

Them_Bones2279d ago

I like many more people am on my second PS3 now which is the slim model due to my launch 60gig getting the YLOD.
The PS4 too will have to implement some sort of death virus into it just like every other electronic device nowadays. It's just business.

Muerte24942279d ago

I don't agree with your "death switch" trigger. I'm still rocking my 60gig fat ps3 that I bought in 2006. Unlike the Xbox 360 which i am now on my third one. I think a price cut is needed simply because the wii u will probably debut at $300.00. Sony can offer a cheaper and almost identical experience to the wii u.

_Aarix_2279d ago

Well good for you, I had the ylod on my first ps3 and then a blu ray drive failure on the second and people still deny that it exists. Sure my xbox had rrod but microsoft sent me a FREE one and its been running strong for years.

Muerte24942279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I never said the YLOD never existed but it's not to the extent that you would like to believe. My first 360(launch)gpu disconnected from the board. My 2nd one got RROD. My slim though has been running nicely. Them_Bones said death virus and to me that sounds more like RROD then YLOD.

xJumpManx2279d ago

I wonder what they will cut out on this itteration of the ps3. I will stick with my launch PS3 sure i barely play it but its still the best version.

Them_Bones2279d ago

Except for the fact that it's a ticking time bomb.
I'm actually really surprised you still have a launch PS3 but then again you said you barely play it so that's most likely why.

FOXDIE2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Alot of trolling I see there them_bones, its 2012 now and not 2007!

Psycho_PS3Truthh2279d ago

This is expected, with the arrival of the PS4 announcement next year, and so many great games coming to the earth next year that people want, it would be a welcome decision for them to lower the consoles price.

A lot of people still cannot afford the PS3 right now on this planet and I would like them all to be able to play righteous games if they were missing out on the greatness from the king of true gaming.

WeskerChildReborned2279d ago

It would be good to still sell the PS3 when the PS4 is out cause some people won't be able to afford the next gen console so the solution would be to just buy a PS3

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