Okami HD Hands-On (Prima Games)

This game will still blow you away, all these years later.

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DivineAssault 2283d ago

day 1 buy.. I loved this game

Yi-Long2283d ago

... The game seems great, and I'm sad I missed it the first 2 times around (PS2, Wii), but I won't be paying Capcom 20 bucks for a HD port, especially considering how lazy they've been with the RE4 and Devil May Cry HD ports.

I really don't 'get' Capcom.
This game missed it's audience on both the PS2 as well as the Wii, and now they have a great chance to finally get that HUGE audience the game clearly deserves, and their greed takes over and most likely scares a lot of potential buyers off...

DivineAssault 2283d ago

DUDE! How can u speak such nonsense?!?! Okami in HD is worth @ LEAST $40! This game is as deep as ZELDA

WeskerChildReborned2283d ago

I've heard of Okami back then but never really tried it. I think i liked it though when i played the demo of Okami before.

n4f2283d ago

i agree with you i almost cry when i played devil may cry hd . its so sad how they just copy past the game and didnt add any value or even grafix update.
they should have just call it devil may cry widescreen

Lucreto2283d ago

It will be worth it.

The people who did the HD upgrade for Rez for the 360 are doing it.

They are cutting loading times and redrawing some scenes that didn't look right. Also 1080p and a filter to make it look like the PS2 paper look.

For me thats worth it.

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Knushwood Butt2283d ago

Despite my boycott of Capcom, I actually reserved this.

Oh, and I got Third Strike as it was on sale for 50% off...

kingeo2283d ago

It deserves $40 only as a retail beautiful release as Japan is getting,not that cheap digital only crap you can't hold and see greedy Capcom is doing