TOP 5 most requested Final Fantasy characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

"A few weeks ago asked you, our readership of PlayStation aficionados, the following question: Which Final Fantasy character would you like to see in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?"

Here are the top 5 most requested Final Fantasy characters. Square Enix, take note.

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smashcrashbash2285d ago

Too bad we are probably not getting any of them. Pretty sure Sony won't be paying through the nose to get any of them. That is unless SE is feeling generous and/or nostalgic

TimNunes2285d ago

We can hope that this title would be more successful than any present-day Final Fantasy if Square-Enix allows these characters to be in PSASBR.

vortis2285d ago

Even the acronym for that is absurdly long.

crxss2285d ago

@vortis yeah i still think PlayStation all-stars battle royale is a terrible name. Should have been something easier to say.

antz11042284d ago

Very surprised Sid or Red VIII didnt make the list....

darthv722284d ago

that really would be deserving of being part of the game would be cloud from FF7.

Simply because it was that game that launched the popularity of the series and made it synonymous with playstation brand.

Many may have played the nes/snes titles before hand but the ps version is the one that seems to hit home with modern ff fans.

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Ranma12285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

There are hardly any notable or likeable characters in FF games after FF10. (Balthier is the only good one)

omarzy2285d ago

That still leaves 10 games to choose from then. Although looking at the roster for this game, i doubt that any characters before Tidus would be recognized by the consumers. Six Final Fantasy games, five of which are exclusive to play station, and they cannot pick one??? It is really frustrating.

hkgamer2284d ago


Six Final Fantasy games????
Five of which are exclusive to play station?????
What are you counting?????

Hicken2284d ago


VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, and XII.

Never played Tactics Advance, so I don't know if it's different from FFT, but if so, that makes seven games. Well, I guess if you don't count Tactics, VII, or VIII(since they're both on PC), that would make four, but all those games are thought of more as Playstation games than anything.

With all the playable characters and villains these games represent, that's a list of about 30-50 to choose from, easily.


Balthier, Ashe, and Fran(Basch is borderline, to me) as main characters from XII are notable; Gabranthe, Vayne, Larsa and Ba'Gamnan are notable NPCs.

As much as you hate- and yet claim to have never played- XIII, you definitely know ALL of the characters. Lightning and Sazh seem like they would fit in quite well, as would Noel and Serah.

I think it'd be best if you refrained from even thinking about Square-Enix. Nearly everything you have to say is ill-informed, your opinions almost entirely based on secondhand experience; you hate everything about Square-Enix, buy none of their games, have no intentions of buying anything from them, and yet you want them to turn around.

I don't think you even like the company.

BitbyDeath2285d ago

Could be wrong but doesn't Sony own the rights to FF7?
If they do then it should be pretty easy for them to get characters from that one.

Dark_Overlord2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Only publishing rights for consoles,

Eidos (now owned by SquareENIX) have PC publishing rights,

and the IP is owned by SquareENIX :)

Blackpool2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Im pretty sure we'll see at least 2 FF characters.

Outside_ofthe_Box2285d ago

If 2 FF characters make it, it's gonna be Cloud and Sephiroth. I know there are people that think they are lame and that they are among the worst characters in FF, but one thing we can ALL agree on is that both are the most popular and iconic off all the other FF characters.

I've always said that this first PS Allstar game should include the most popular and iconic characters first. With side/less popular characters come in the next iteration.

HammadTheBeast2284d ago

I really don't mind Cloud being in, but seriously, why doesn't anyone think of SQUALL?

The guy's completely badass, and his Gunblade is so cool. I definitely think Squall should be in, along with Seifer, and Tifa.

Neo-Axl2285d ago

If no Final Fantasy characters will be included, The PlayStation gamers will not be shy in being vocal about it, I for one am damned sure they are keeping the best characters as secrets, So in a way they are doing a Good job in keeping this game under wraps!

Only truly hope I'm right.. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, & Resident Evil started my Gaming hobby as a young kid, So I want to see at least one character from each in here. :D

smashcrashbash2285d ago

Well then be vocal to the companies that refuse to give it to them not Sony. Sony can't force anyone to give them their characters to use. If Capcom doesn't want to give them RE characters to use they can't make them do it. So if Sony can't get any characters from the games you want then blame them.It is up top them if they want to give out their characters. Bitching at Sony won't make it happen.Superbot says that they will try their best to put certain characters in but it is really up to the developers if they want in

Neo-Axl2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Did I say "PlayStation gamers will not be shy to be vocal to Sony" .. No, What I said meant the PlayStation fan-base wouldn't be afraid to get vocal too whomever is denying them some of PlayStation's finest, In a way.. those NOT allowing Sony to use the characters which put the developers & Sony in such a High place back on the Rising of the PSX & PS2 these days are up-right selfish fools. It's Good that many have gone far.. but it doesn't hurt too remember your roots.

brettski2285d ago

I vote chocobo or Shadow or Sabin

JoySticksFTW2284d ago

Heck yeah!

Shadow, Sabin, Edgar, or Kefka!

I'm a huge FFVI fan (my favorite game of all time)

But even though FFVI eventually came out for PS1, I still mainly associate that game with my SNES

I'd also like to see Red XIII as someone above mentioned.

Treian2285d ago

I don't understand fanboys. FF7 was nothing special.Sure, it was good, but nothing amazing. FF4 and 10 clearly beat it out the water.

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