Forget First Person Shooters. Try 'The Unfinished Swan,' a First Person Painter

Forbes - I was instantly charmed by The Unfinished Swan when I got my hands on it. I stood in a world of white, essentially a blank canvas. Then I tossed one of my unlimited black paint balls in the air and watched it splatter as it connected with the “landscape”… that one that isn’t there. When the black color splashed against the background, it created definition and a sense of space. The world around me emerged, flecked in black paint.

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doctorstrange2308d ago

I <3 innovation and uniqueness.

thereapersson2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I love the unique games Sony always brings to their platforms. They're never afraid to try something different, even if it looks as though it might not sell as well as other, bigger titles.

Now if they'd only bring back Redwood Falls, Eyedentify and Eight Days (among other games; those were some of the best).

r212308d ago

oh yeah eyedentify, that game certainly has a unique concept, would've like to give it a try. eight days, again was pretty nifty looking, what with the dynamic cover. sad they're either dead or "on hold"

KingofGambling2308d ago

Since you mention Eight Days might as well include The Getaway. Both of these games were developed by the same studio, so maybe we'll see them back in production or the next gen.

TBM2307d ago

i think im ready for another unique experience. the day this pops up on the store it will be money will spent.

same for papo & yo

TheColbertinator2308d ago

I played a game in which I painted people's faces with a brush but I only had 1 color.

LiViNgLeGaCY2308d ago

Dude, lmfao!!!!! Soooooo glad I wasn't drinking anything!

Psycho_PS3Truthh2308d ago

So many great games coming exclusively to the PS3, I completely forgot this. I think this game will make the same impact as the journey, the level of intellectualism in design and gameplay is beyond anything out there.

This is why the PS3 is honored by millions of people internationally.

h311rais3r2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

The 360 and pc are honoredsay millions as well you know....but of course you wouldnt. Your too busy bowing to your ps3 to care.

WeskerChildReborned2307d ago

Sony has some of the most unique games IMO.

Ravenor2307d ago

If you honor your Xbox, PS3, Wii, Handheld device or have a problem.


Unfinished Swan and Dyad are pretty much the reason I figured PSN games and XBLA existed.

Lord_Sloth2308d ago

I gave up on FPS games years ago. It's very rare that I buy 1.

B_Rian892307d ago

i just recently realized that i don't like FPS games anymore after I rented Battlefield 3 and was bored to death of it after playing it for 15 minutes

Lord_Sloth2307d ago

Yeah. I have Perfect Dark for the N64, a working 64 to play it on, and the HD Remake on the 360. That's all I need.

R_aVe_N2308d ago

Another one of those gems that keep people wanting more games with different play styles. I am sure I will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed Journey and Flower.

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