Four Rules For Making A Deadpool Game

Game Informer - Turning a respected license into a video game is no easy task. High Moon has a lot of work ahead of it if the studio wants its new Deadpool game to live up to fans' expectations. Here are some rules for navigating that minefield.

I recently went to San Diego Comic-Con and sat through the Marvel panel where Activision and High Moon announced their upcoming Deadpool game. The crowds went nuts over the trailer; excitement over the game seemed almost palpable. As a longtime Deadpool fan, I was thrilled – the game looked amazing.

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doctorstrange2282d ago

Stick to the source material.

Waddy1012282d ago

They did good with Transformers War for Cybertron, let's hope the Deadpool game has that kind of quality.

JohnApocalypse2282d ago

I think this property would've be better handled by the Raven team that made the Wolverine Origin's game

2282d ago
Dylken2282d ago

looking forward to this :)

Enigma_20992282d ago

1) Make it good...

2) Make it Good.

3) Make it GOOD.