Q-Games Asks “Which PixelJunk Series Would You Like To See On Vita?”

Chris writes: "We here at PSNStores are huge fans of the PixelJunk games. And one thing that we all want is a Vita PixelJunk game.

It looks like Q-Games is polling fans on Facebook which of the currently released PixelJunk series game you would like to see on Vita."

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himdeel2307d ago

A new one. But if I had to choose it'd be the Shooter series or Monsters with touch screen for placing and upgrades.

sinncross2307d ago

They could alternatively just make them all compatible with the PSV.

And just keep the series as a cross platform endeavour. That actually may be best for the IP.

BrianG2307d ago

Monsters without a doubt

chasegarcia2307d ago

Monster is my fav indie game.

legionsoup2307d ago

Monsters. All the old levels, all of the new levels (including PSP levels/towers), at least 1 new island.

helghast1022307d ago

All of them.
But if I have to choose only one... Monsters.

PirateThom2307d ago

Sidescroller. It would be perfect.

I think Monsters is the one I wouldn't choose, just because "tower defence" games are not my thing. Plus, it already got a PSP release.

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The story is too old to be commented.