Artwork Lost Odyssey, trailer on Marketplace tomorrow!

Mistwalker has put online one new artwork from Lost Odyssey, which will have its own trailer up on Marketplace tomorrow.

Hopefully this means that the game will be visible somewhere at X06, but maybe that's just crazy thinking? The conference will be broadcasted on, so we all will see what happens - Live!

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Deceased5843d ago

Fact: " Microsoft today announced that Hironobu Sakaguchi, video game legend and president of Mistwalker game studio, has joined with Microsoft(R) Game Studios to develop role-playing game (RPG) video games exclusively for the next- generation Xbox(R) video game platform. Sakaguchi is best known as the creator of the "Final Fantasy" franchise, which has sold more than 60 million units worldwide, and was executive vice president in charge of game development at Square Enix Co. Ltd. until February 2001."

Link to the fact:

Do you honestly think that MS pumped a ton of money into Mistwalker basically funding the creation of the development house, signed them to a publishing deal, but left open the possibility that Mistwalker could take the 2 primary games that MICROSOFT funded and port them to the PS3?

Come on people, let's get real. The game is 360 exclusive and will remain that way. Just accept that as fact. They are getting paid and staffed by microsoft, microsoft is actually doing alot of the game code, it is called outsourcing, mistwalker is mainly devoted to level design etc...

kmis875843d ago

Wasn't everyone in agreement that it was an exclusive. I don't remember any disputes about Mistwalker games.