The Epic 2012 Summer of Arcade Extravaganza

From the feature editorial:

"Five. That’s right. Five Xbox live arcade games are to be released periodically at the tail end of this summer via downloadable content through the Xbox Live Arcade. For any self-respecting Xbox nerd, this means great deals on top of great freaking video games. The titles, (ranging from 800-1200 Microsoft points) some could argue would be fully worth a sixty dollar price tag. Well, luckily for us, Microsoft has decided to present us with five reasonably priced titles plus an extra free 400 Microsoft points for any customer who purchases just three of these games. So, sit back and cool off and let the summer heat wave pass you by as we attempt to digest these monster titles."

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UltimaEnder2334d ago

Deadlight, enough said...

Fyflin2334d ago

Can't wait for Deadlight, hope it turns out as good as it looks.

Tried the demo of Tony Hawk HD, wasn't too impressed so going to give that one a miss.