Resident Evil 6 Collectors Edition Packshot revealed

Capcom has revealed the final Packshot of the Resident Evil 6 Collectors Edition.

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user54670072376d ago

Who the hell would pay £129.99 for that

It's not even in a special looks like cardboard.

Skyrim was 129.99 when that first came out and you can still get it now at a reduced price. Since I'll be waiting untill a few months after RE6s release I hope this will still be in stock because if it goes for a cheap price I'll buy this instead.

Them_Bones2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Why waste your money on a bunch of useless trinkets you look at once and then let them gather dust?

I'm aiming my comment at everyone who buys collectors editions in general.

user54670072376d ago

Well if your aiming that at me then it's because if it goes for a cheap price I'll save money and hurt Capcom since they won't be getting all my money for it. I'm a CE collector...despite not liking where the game is going I'd still hold my ground and wait for the CE to go for a cheap price. If it sells out, then so be it.

If your aiming your comment at people who will buy this at full price then I agree with you

DarkBlood2375d ago

i wonder if this will come to canada