Five reasons why we need Battlefield: Bad Company 3 before Battlefield 4

GameZone's Robert Workman writes, "While Battlefield 3 does introduce general thrills that are hard to deny, I can’t help but think that Bad Company 3 is the sequel that should come first. And I’ve got five reasons why…"

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iamnsuperman2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

It is mainly because BC has a story with good characters. I preferred the BC1 because it's story was more humour driven. I hope ,whenever they do BC3 , it brings back the rediculous humour

peowpeow2306d ago

That being said, I had more fun in BC2 multiplayer than I am currently with BF3. Sometimes 'less is more'. I also really miss my AT4 :)

finbars752307d ago

Because its epic in every way.Great story,hilarious,characters where off the wall and by far the best part of the game was the destructibality.BF4 should have to wait until next gen as far as im concerned.It will be almost 3 years since BFBC2 was released.The game is still awsome and the MP is still always full in each room.So Dice for the love of god give us some BFBC3.

Hanuman2307d ago

Is this guy having a laugh? BC2's graphics better than BF3? I don't think so...

Trenta272307d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. It was a good list except for the graphics part. He obviously hasn't played BF3 on PC...

pandehz2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Yea lol he hasnt played BF3 on the pc at all.

I cant go back to BC2 my eyes hurt. BF3 for that matter, dayuuum

Also I dont agree with the action of BC2 being better than BF3 come on. The fluidity of running, to prone crouch etc and responsive movements, micro destruction for better feedback and sense of direction, etc many things of BF3 is better than BC2 action wise.

Also BF3 tank control is not difficult at all lol.

Also golf carts vs jets?

Umm lol this beats golf carts any day

HebrewHammer2307d ago

I say we wrap up the Bad Company trilogy this gen, then hit up PS4 and 720 with BF4.

capcock2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

lol singleplayer orianted reasons what a joke! buying BF for singleplayer is like buying a hooker for a walk.

BC2 better graphics? maybe on dogshit console but not on PC unless you're blind.

BF4 will be epic and people can whine and bitch all they want lol.

skyrim2307d ago

it's just an opinion buddy no reason to insult people who prefer bad company over the main battlefield series.The majority of gamers are on consoles so some of there first experiences with battlefield are with bad company no reason to call them bitches and hate on console graphics if you ask me they all look great :]

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