5 Ideas To Create The Best Deadpool Game Possible

WC writes: Let’s face it, the developers understand the character and what makes him tick just by watching the reveal trailer. On top of this, their work with the iconic Transformers franchise certainly is hurting their chances.

There’s no reason to spout off the dozens of ways they can remain true to the character, no, instead I want to take a look at how they can make it the best GAME possible. After all, it is a gaming experience and not simply a Deadpool story.

Here are a few ideas for how High Moon Studios can put players in control of an iconic comic character, and make it fun as all hell.

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LackTrue4K2334d ago

Getting Nolan North to voice Deadpool is a great start!!!

ABizzel12334d ago

Devil May Cry 3 + Ninja Gaiden 2 gore & combat + Wolverine Origins Game = Ultimate Deadpool Game

DivineAssault 2334d ago

Its probably going to take alot from devil may cry series & add some toilet humor