GameSpot- LittleBigPlanet Karting: Customisation, Weapons and Maternal Dragons

GameSpot- LittleBigPlanet Karting brings all the charm and charisma (and Stephen Fry) of the franchise to the frenetic karting genre. The game has all of the crazy weaponry and eccentric terrain you've come to expect from a kart outing, right down to the devastating (blue) weapon that homes in on first place.

The unique feature produced by the mating of karting and LBP is the wealth of customisation options, from karts to characters to planets to tracks. The track editor in particular offers a heady level sophistication for the community to devour, but has a scalable complexity and friendly tutorial to ease in beginners.

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doctorstrange2335d ago

Sounds like a fun game, finally got into the beta so I'll check it out.

maniacmayhem2335d ago

So whatever happen to Mod Nation Racers? Wouldn't this game cut into that games audience?

sinncross2335d ago

I think its pretty clear that MNR is no more with this.

This is what MNR should have been in the first place, and with the original devs of MNR doing LBPK, I think it is fair to say that Sony is going to opt to keep all its Play. Create. Share games with the LBP brand.

maniacmayhem2335d ago

I never played MNR, but I saw some people hype it up here on N4G. In your opinion what was wrong with MNR?

sinncross2334d ago

I think it was not exactly a refined experience. Needed more fine tuning. That said, I think the MNR series will live on as LBP Karting. IF this is indeed the case, I hope they some how find a way to bring the Mods into the LBP universe... they cna be like a different 'race' to the sack people.

cpayne932334d ago

Modnation racers is a lot of fun, but the big problem with the game are the loading screens. The loading screens were longer than how long it took for one race, then you'd have to wait through another long ass loading screen just for the next map. Horrible, especially when you're used to mario kart instantly loading races.

Young_ART2335d ago

Isn't there enough kart racing games out there? Crash. mario, sonic, etc. Come on let's be a bit more original Naughty Dog.

I do like the idea, but it wouldve been better to me if this was a large expansion to an actual LBP game. like expand LBP even more

BrutallyBlunt2335d ago

What does Naughty Dog have to do with this? I think it's made by the folks who brought us Mod Nation Racers which of course they have experience in these types of games.

LBP wasn't a 3D open world like this either. Now if they can make the game with better load times and the car weight better than what we saw with MNR this could be a lot of fun.

Omar912334d ago

did you just write naught dog?......

neutralgamer192334d ago

Don't know what ppl are going on about but mod nation is the best karting game out there IMO. Awesome game with great gameplay, graphics and creations. I'm in know beta but I'll tell you now it doesn't seems as it will beas good as mod nation. Seems like a cheap version of mod nation and driving karts don't feel as comfortable as MN.

neutralgamer192334d ago

I'm In lbp beta it's not all that