Closed Beta Registrations for The War Z - Survival Horror MMO Zombie Game - are opened

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers can also visit the The War Z’s official website and register for the closed beta phase."

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ATi_Elite2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Could you rip off the DayZ title anymore?

anyway the play mechanics is what is important and I hope they have played DayZ enough to know exactly what is needed and what needs to be improved to make WarZ a good game.

PLUS DayZ is making improvements almost weekly so WarZ better have good support.

I like the 250 people per server at 200 to 400 square kilometers. DayZ is 50 people @ 225 Sq. KM so I hope WarZ is more on the 400 sq. km size to help establish survival and not just a friggin shoot out with 250 people crammed into one place!

WarZ better have interesting places and accessible buildings along with Real World Ballistics like DayZ. WarZ could make night time play more fun as DayZ at night is Nuclear Astro Physics Hard.

Also put some Anti-Aliasing on them dam screenshots! Looking forward to more Zombie Survival with WarZ!

VanDamme2281d ago

I'd like to see a little more negativity from you next time.

1nsomniac2281d ago

They said they were working on this title a year before Day Z took off, but after the success of Day Z they have reworked it so that its more similar.

ChrisCoppolo2279d ago

"They better do this, they better have that". . . You're entitled to nothing. I play Day Z, and it is very good. But do a little research. These guys had the idea before Day Z even released and were HAPPY that it was doing so well, because they realize their zombie MMO is a great idea. So yes it will be good, but I'm not expecting an exact replica of Day Z.

PockyKing2281d ago

Damn, zombie fans are really being spoiled this year. Class3, DayZ, WarZ, Walking Dead (Telltale) Walking Dead (activison) Black Ops II zombies and I know I'm missing like 4 more.

2281d ago
1nsomniac2281d ago

I read an interview with them I they seem to have looked into what has made Day Z so popular & they sound like they want to keep that exact same feel & atmosphere. Lets hope so, cant wait!