[email protected] Doom 3 BFG Edition Preview

Dust off your Plasma Rifle, Rev up your Chainsaw and Break Out the Man-Diapers – Doom 3 is Back

With Doom 3: BFG Edition set for release this October, the long-suffering fans of id Software’s seminal shooter are left wondering whether this is a sign that news about the much-anticipated fourth title in the series is finally on the horizon. It has been almost eight years since the release of the third instalment to the underwear-shredding franchise and in that time there has been little news from the studio beyond continued assurances that the game is under development.

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nitrogav2373d ago

Is it me or does that look rubbish now ? . Got better games on my Android mobile .

Rubberlegs2373d ago

Well its port of an 8yr old game so its going to look a bit dated and its a console port as well. The graphics are suppose to be touched up but it hardly looks any better.
The PC version has some nice high res texture packs and other graphics mods that look so much better then what id software is doing with this BFG edition.

mewhy322373d ago

I'm excited for this game. The original was great and it being relased on the current gen consoles is good news. I can't wait.