We’re Gonna Need a Plunger | Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The Uncharted series has been the premier series for the PlayStation 3. Nathan Drake has been able to capture the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide, despite being a mass murdering thief. Naughty Dog has been able to take the explosive set-pieces we see in summer blockbusters and apply them to gaming. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is Naughty Dog’s latest game in the series. Let’s see how it holds up to the rest of the series.

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Chitown712912285d ago

It really is. Uncharted 3 story was so unexpected ( minus the city at the end) , and I loved it! The set pieces were beautiful, and its cinematic appeal trumped Uncharted 2 imo. Uncharted 2 for me felt so much like the first game story wise. The creatures near the end, and the whole going after a diabolical bad guy.......I don't know , I just wasn't feeling it. Still a great game, I personally just think Uncharted 3 was the best of the series.........Just my opinion, not saying anyone is wrong....

Awesome_Gamer2285d ago

My favourite new series this gen, by far

Relientk772286d ago

One of the best games I played in 2011

francknara62286d ago

GOTY 2011 for me. Better than 2.

kingPoS2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Both UC2 & UC3 are good. But UC2 had more of an impact to me because it not only did it have a lot firsts, UC2 also did them right.

It's like comparing Sonic 2 to Sonic 3. Some people still prefer S2 over S3 because of what it did first.

srcBFMVBMTH2285d ago

Agreed, I liked 3 better than 2. But it didn't have as much as an improvement as 1 to 2. I think that's what left Uncharted 2 fans disappointed. But then again, you can't really improve much upon near perfection. It pretty much went like this for me......

U3>U2>>>>>U . Lol And not to mention the first was AMAZING!

Uncharted is like God of War or Jak and Daxter. Each installment is epic in different ways and has a certain appeal so everybody has their own favorite game in the franchise.

r212285d ago

cant forget the first, despite not being compelling as the U3 and U2, it was still none the less a great start to a great franchise :D

Them_Bones2286d ago

It would be my third favourite game of 2011.
L.A. Noire takes the cake and inFamous 2 takes the crums.

MysticStrummer2286d ago

I had to force myself to finish LA Noire. Dark Souls was my GotY.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2286d ago

One the greatest games of all time in the history of all things gaming.

MWH2286d ago

i'f say the whole trilogy yes.

Psycho_PS3Truthh2286d ago

The first game was great but we must accept that the first game was the baby being born but the second game and third game is the series become the great man. I cannot wait to see how powerful the series gets when uncharted 4 release on his majesty the PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.