PlayStation 3 "Super Slim" A Curse Microsoft Once Followed - Unscripted Access Episode #15

"PlayStation 3's new 4000 model to follow the curse Microsoft once followed, Grand Theft Auto V emerges among the darkness, Battlefield 4 is officially announced along with beta details, ZombiU to possibly take advantage of Microsoft's SmartGlass feature, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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GribbleGrunger2334d ago

'The Gamer Access is back again with more details on the new PS3 model and we discuss why the new model may take Sony down the path that once cursed Microsoft.'

Okay, so have I entered the twilight zone here? I watch conspiracy theories with great interest, particularly those that come with verifiable proof from legitimate sources and the one thing that always strikes me is the constant promotion of 'myth' and 'misinformation'. It's almost as if they foresee historians as their future apologists.

Well, here we are again (on something that's not quite as serious as 911 for arguments sake) and myths are being written right under our noses. First we had the ignoring of the obvious Kinect/PSEYe similarity and the press concentrated on the Wii, recently we had the 'smartglass' threat to WiiU which seems to overlook the obvious PS3/Vita combo as the real threat, and now this.

To suggest that Sony could make the same mistake as MS by going down the 'slim' route, is totally discarding history... a history, I might add, that was written by Sony themselves. We had a PS1 slim, a PS2 slim and now a PS3 superslim. I think if this IS a mistake then Sony can legitimately claim that they succeeded or failed on their OWN strategy and that MS were never in the reckoning.

So can we stop this? Can we open our eyes to what the press is trying to do here? History is there to be seen providing we look at it now and don't wait for the press to offer a somewhat manipulated version

Morrigan-Aensland2334d ago

I can't wait to buy a ps3 slim 2

mewhy322333d ago

my slim that I have works just fine. I don't see any reason to buy another more slim ps3 slim..ha ha ha ... until mine stops working. If your ps3 is working fine..even if it's a fat model, then why spend your money on another one?????? "A fool and their money are soon parted." A great quote.

Morrigan-Aensland2333d ago

Why are people worried about what others want to do with their money? I'll buy whatever I want because its my choice. I'll buy the slimmer ps3 because its slimmer , newer, I collect video games and I like the look.

GameOn2333d ago

Yeah I buy all the Halo edition xbox's. Gotta get em all, who cares about wasting money.

Unexpecta2333d ago

I agree Morrigan, a lot of people in this world are parasites and a waste of space to others and they will do whatever they can to get into someone's business creating unnecessary problems.

But aside from that, if you have a PS3 already, there's no need to buy the Super Slim. If you don't have a PS3, then this is a great opportunity to discover the wonder of the Playstation universe. This will be my first PS3, the Super Slim. I love my Vita, and I know I'll get the same satisfaction with the PS3.

Who freaking cares what someone does with their life, time, and money? What right does anyone have on someone else?

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BanditGamer2334d ago

Not sure what your rant is about but as far as SmartGlass being a bigger threat to WiiU than VITA/PS3 goes, it's pretty plain to see.
There millions upon millions of handheld devices like smart phones and tablets that can be used for SmartGlass.
There are only 2 - 3 million VITA's in the wild.
Every WiiU sold will ship with a pad.
SmartGlass is ALMOST guaranteed for everybody who possesses an X360 as they probably have access to a smart phone or tablet and it's a FREE app.
On the other hand, PS3 limits you to JUST VITA. If you don't already own one (at least 63 million ps3 users don't) you have to pay $250 for one.
WiiU Pad comes free with every console sold.
SmartGlass features are said to be in development for most future Microsoft Studios games and dev kits have been sent to 3rd party studios.
Some developers and publishers haven't even started on any VITA games let alone PS3 games that utilize VITA.
Almost every(if not all) WiiU game will feature the WiiU Pad
I think those points pretty much make it obvious why the ps3/vita combo can be ignored as a threat to the WiiU, at least for the time being.

GribbleGrunger2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

In all sincerity, I don't think you could describe what I wrote above as a 'rant'. you may feel it's a short cut to discrediting someone's opinion like 'conspiracy theorist' but I feel that the majority of people -- regardless of whether they agree or disagree -- would at least appreciate that I'm not demonstrating a rampant negativity towards a company I don't support, but rather a genuine personal opinion

BanditGamer2334d ago

I called it a rant because not only is it irrelevant to the topic at hand but the points made in it are not founded on any real world logic.
Speaking of the topic at hand, did you even listen to the podcast or was your above rant made on assumptions based solely on the headline and summary?

000000000000000000012333d ago

"WiiU Pad comes free with every console sold."
That's funny, it's should be one is included, it is no way FREE!

dead_eye2333d ago

So from the comments above the WiiU comes with a handheld console then. Didn't know it could play games by itself.

Nutsack2333d ago

Well, the WiiU gets that bulky tablet controller packed with it but then again...

I don't expect the WiiU to sell under 300. Actually I expect it to be 349.

Thus, if the new slimmer PS3 will dive under 200 bucks, which is logical as the current PS3 is at 250. The 16GB 4000 PS3 could even hit as low as 169 bucks, the bigger HD 4000 PS3 at 199.

That would mean, now the PSVita is officially 250, but I've seen special offers for 199 even, which will probably be the official price soon/before Christmas, that Sony could be offering PS3+Vita bundles for around 350. Same price as WiiU.

There is one small problem though. The PS3/Vita connectivity up till now has been sluggish. They gotta fix that. Furthermore, the WiiU games will all be made for the tablet, as its a functionality of every WiiU out there. Not every PS3 will have a Vita to go with it. Thus, the number of games supporting it will be much lower.

Smartglass is, as said, running on every tablet, smartphone etc. Thus in potential, this is a bigger threat to the WiiU and its tablet than PS3/Vita is indeed.

Last but not least: I don't see how a 16GB PS3 is a problem, some people don't need large storages. They download little to nothing and just play a few games. As long as the person doesn't own games that install 5GB each...

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InTheLab2333d ago

Actually, Sega was the first to slim their consoles. The Genesis 3 looks nothing like the original or the Master System....But I get your point. MS does often get credit for doing nothing...

bahabeast2333d ago

i would buy this super slim, think about how cool my systen would run without that big drive in thier im sure can get about %20 or more less heat and noise.

ooquis2333d ago

anybody want a 320g slim ps3 3.55??

xcasey2333d ago

These people sound like xbox fanboys/girls. The fact they don't even know how easy it is to buy 500gb hdd for a ps3 and for cheap unlike xbox speaks volumes. Also that 16gb model could be ssd for faster downloads or installs you never know.

NovusTerminus2333d ago

Yeah, I got my uncle a 1 terabyte HDD for his PS3, for only 99usd.

Sweet deal. And a great upgrade from his old 40gig HDD.

PAYNEinc852333d ago

Theyre not gonna top the looks of the PS3 slim. The new super slim is fugly compared to the fat boy and the regular slim.