Battlefield 3 - Armored Kill Trailer Suggests Next Patch to Contain Flag Letters on Mini-Map

MP1st - With the recent release of the new Armored Kill trailer showcasing the biggest Battlefield ever, ‘Bandar Desert,’ as well as the snow lover’s dream come true, ‘Alborz Mountain,’ comes hidden information of the next upcoming patch for Battlefield 3.

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1nsomniac2282d ago

Been asking for this since day 1

alien6262282d ago

next trailer suggests 64 players online for PS3 and Xbox o wait not going to happen :(

yoyo121212282d ago

I wish :(
These maps are Gunna suck on console

dazzrazz2282d ago

I agree although with gamepolay you can learn in pretty quickly more annoying shit it when those flag letters display half way across the screen while you aim down the sigh or above it when close to the flag

Blastoise2282d ago

Was never really that big a deal to me...

1nsomniac2282d ago

It's just so that it makes it easier to know where your spawning quicker.