Black Ops II – Did Treyarch Move To The Future To Make CoD Interesting Again? New Sound Clip Teased

MP1st - Treyarch’s John Rafacz details the reasoning behind Treyarch’s move to the near-future in Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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Gambit_the_White2280d ago

The only thing that will make CoD interesting again is a new graphics engine.

BelieveinGhosts2280d ago

To be honest, BOPs 2 looks better than MW3

Gambit_the_White2280d ago

Well yeah, each game looks a little better than the game before, but come on. They've been using the same damn engine since the Cretaceous era...

ninjahunter2280d ago

Eh, Hardly the future. To convince me to buy it they would have to make a full blown scifi game, like im talking deadspace time frame.

venom062280d ago

same old tired engine + same lame gameplay/killstreaks/death streaks = folks complaing like crazy 1 month after release...... this needs alot more than just the future setting