10 Best Ever Minecraft Mods

WC writes: So you’ve built up your town, fought through the underworld, slain a dragon and built a 100 foot tall tribute to yourself in celebration of your achievement. No? Just me then… Well whatever you’ve been getting up to in Minecraft you can be sure to find even more ways to keep yourself entertained by looking to the game’s astounding modding community.

Dedicated gamers from across the globe have worked laboriously to bring us some truly brilliant mods for Mojang’s block-em-up behemoth. Without any official support these tireless modders have provided the community with an obscene amount of add-ons and modifications. Everything from dinosaurs to dirigibles, tornadoes to tactical missiles and all manner of things in-between. You name it, they’ve modded it.

With so many mods out there ploughing through them to find the pick of the litter can seem a bit daunting, but fear not intrepid Minecrafter, I’ve bought together 10 of the very best Minecraft mods out there, all of which are sure to keep you digging away for weeks to come.

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hilmart2309d ago

Top ten mods ever? Then why are there no GLSL shader mods there?
Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders adds dynamic shadows, bloom, HDR, AA and more.

Who doesn't want MC to look like this: ?