SDCC 2012: Hands-on Preview with Rayman Legend- Is it for the Casual Gamer? (

Rayman Legends is an upcoming title being released for the Nintendo Wii U. This game is typical to the Rayman series where good clean easy fun is empathized. Playing this game on the Wii U is quite the experience and an experience that cannot be achieved while playing on your standard controller on other consoles. Rayman Legends is fun for all ages and we got a chance to play this fun little game in cooperative mode at San Diego Comic-Con.

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TheSuperior 2284d ago

Not my type of game. Totally predictable for a console like the Wii U :/

TheGrimBunny2284d ago

Rayman uses the Wii-U Plus controller... looks just like the Xbox 360 one! HD!!!

2284d ago

Really want!!!! I wish I still need to play orgins one for PS3 or Xbox 360

articulas2284d ago

I'm not really into games like this but, looks fun. Great article!

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