Ellen Page: 'Beyond: Two Souls' game role moved me

Ellen Page has confessed she didn't understand how she could star in a video game when she was first approached for Beyond: Two Souls.

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sack_boi2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Press "X" to Juno

hulk_bash19872372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Yeah, I enjoy Ellen Paige as an actress and I enjoy quantic dreams' games. So hearing about beyond two souls being developed was great news for me.

egidem2371d ago

I know people have their own opinions, but who honestly wouldn't like Ellen? She's awesome!

I really look forward to play Beyond: Two Souls

inveni02371d ago

I'd like Ellen a lot more if she was naked in my bed.

And my wife would just have to deal with it.

barb_wire2371d ago


I think your wife would probably like it - given the rumors (if true) that Ellen is a lesbian.

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MaxXAttaxX2372d ago

Is that the only movie of hers people have heard of?
It seems to me whenever an article or anyone else brings up one of Ellen Page's movies, it's almost always Juno and nothing else. It was 5 years ago, come on lol

PirateThom2372d ago

Hard Candy and Inception are much better movies as well.

BlmThug2372d ago

Agreed. Inception was a amazing film and she was cast in that film

jagstatboy2371d ago

who the heck disagrees that Inception was an amazing movie?

WeskerChildReborned2371d ago

It's cause she's mostly known from Juno. When i saw Juno i started knowin about her more like she played as a 14 year old girl tryin to get back at some child predator in Hard Candy or she was on Inception. Anyway,looking forward to Beyond. Could be another great Heavy Rain type game.

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Crazyglues2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

It's funny but I feel like she is an amazing actor and strange enough, I feel like she's in the wrong game, she should have been in The Last Of Us..imo

Because it already looks exactly like her, and in that game I feel like her emotion and charm would really make the game shine and show-off how a good actor can really pull emotion out of the audience by adding that real to life feeling you don't get when you have a bad actor.

It's just imo.. but wow I think she would have really been able to carry feeling into the Last Of Us because the game cries out for great acting to really sell the state of the world.

I'm sure she will be good in Beyond, but man I would have loved to have her in The Last Of Us..


Them_Bones2372d ago

I liked heavy rain because it was a whodunit thriller but have no interest in a game where you play as a girl with super powers.

MattyG2372d ago

Hold on a sec, lemme go pop some popcorn and grab some friends so you can tell it again!

egidem2371d ago

"...where you play as a girl with super powers."

"Would you kindly" elaborate on this?

Let's hope the BioShock pun works :D

beerkeg2372d ago

I lost interest in Heavy Rain half way through because I thought the story was a bit boring, but I'm really looking forward to this one. Seems far more interesting.

DFogz2372d ago

Girl with superpowers? More like girl with a ghost friend

Them_Bones2372d ago

That's even less appealing.

BitbyDeath2371d ago

They asked the question at comic-con what Beyond was about.

Heavy Rain was "How far will you go to save someone you love".

Beyond: Two Souls is "What is Beyond" and it is supposed to answer that.

Not sure how you could not find that concept interesting.

Roper3162372d ago

while I personally disagree and prefer a female lead character you are certainly entitled to your opinion. This will probably be more of a psychological thriller compared to a whodunit thriller. I like both so I am pretty excited for this game.

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Kte2372d ago

she is still hot....even with that bighead :)

SilentNegotiator2371d ago

I would squeeze that forehead all night long. And then project a prono on it while we make love.

DivineAssault 2372d ago

This game looks awesome.. I never played Heavy Rain so nows a good opportunity to get to know these devs style... I hear the game was awesome & has good reviews but not much gameplay in it.. Supposedly 90% movie but ill find out on my own after i play it for myself.. Im sure it didnt get 9z for no reason

DFogz2372d ago

Heavy Rain could probably best be described as a QTE filled choose-your-own-adventure crime-thriller movie.
It's not like MGS4 in the sense that it's more movie than game due to excessively long cut-scenes, but rather in the way that the game plays out.
It's very good if you don't mind the QTE's

I'd definitely recommend trying it.

TheKindRoost2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

"best be described as a QTE filled choose-your-own-adventure crime-thriller movie."
You couldn't be any more wrong , it's far for dynamic to simply call the system as nothing but mere "QTE" it's a much more appropriate take on point and click genre for console and it works great.

DigitalAnalog2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

The term "QTE" is in reference to "Quick-Time Events" to which a series of prompts appears on screen to which the player is giving ample time to press the corresponding prompts allowing it to move from one scene to another.

This was BARELY 10% of the game. I know a lot of people tend to confuse QTE with "buttons-appear-on-screen -therefore-this-is-teh-QTE& ;quot ; mentality.

In that case, the example can be extended to COD is also QTE fest because as soon as your clips are nearly finished a message would prompt you to press a "button" to reload.

Heavy Rain gives you this "prompts" because unlike other games, the characters interaction is not arbitrary. This isn't a game where X = Jump, Triangle = reload, the game constantly changes the purpose of the buttons depending on the situation. Sometimes the triangle button would prompt the character to look at certain objects, other times that very SAME button can be used to hold your breath.

Unfortunately, the QTE prompts have the exact same format as the non-QTE ones, but this should not be an excuse to not see through that.

PirateThom2372d ago

QTEs are something you have to get right perfectly to progress the game.

Heavy Rain featured none of that. If you messed up enough on the button presses, the game would progress in a different manner. Heavy Rain was context heavy, no doubt, but it wasn't QTE by any means. In fact, I can only think of a few sequences that play out like traditional QTEs.

maniacmayhem2372d ago

Wow, you guys above are really reaching.

a Quick Time Event is a method of context-sensitive gameplay in which the player performs actions on the control device shortly after the appearance of an on-screen prompt. It allows for limited control of the game character during cut scenes or cinematic sequences in the game.

You guys can say what you want but HR was mostly all QTE.

PirateThom2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Not really reaching.

Heavy Rain is full of context sensitive actions, but only has, if I recall, two or three where it's actual quick time events.

Of course, I've played it.

BitbyDeath2371d ago

I think i played a different game to you guys cause the Heavy Rain I played didn't have that much QTE involved with it.

The QTE scenes i experienced were usually for when you had to perform something at a certain speed and it was used to determine how fast or slow you pressed it as obviously that sort of interaction is not possible with a traditional controller outside of QTE's.

The actual gameplay consists of you walking around like in an adventure game and click on objects/people to interact with them.

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Roccetarius2371d ago

Maybe it's just their way of trying to justify QTE's in the game.

I dislike QTE's myself, and i'd rather have control of the character.

kneon2371d ago

Most of the so called QTEs are used for dialog choices. Would it have been any different had they been presented in some other manner, such as for example the way dialog choices are presented in Mass Effect?

There is no functional difference between the two methods, the only difference is that people wouldn't be so whiny if they had used something like in ME.

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