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The last couple of Tony Hawk games, Project 8 and Proving Ground, as well as the experimental motion controlled game, Ride, and its god-awful peripheral, all sucking, it seemed like the skateboarding video game genre was done for.

Fortunately, Robomodo has decided to give the fans what they want – A throwback to the Tony Hawk franchise’s roots.

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AIndoria2284d ago

7.5, do I really have to get the game?

xPhearR3dx2284d ago

Honestly, the reviews have been way too harsh for this game. One review said "It feels like a 12 year old game". and gave it like a 4.5/10. Well no shit it feels like a 12 year old game, it is a 12 year old game. That was kind of the whole point of the HD part.

Trenta272284d ago

I downloaded the trail, played for awhile, the deleted it. It was fun, but I want my memories of playing this game when I was younger to stay the same/unchanged.

pat_11_52284d ago

I still don't understand why there isn't local multiplayer.....

Zichu2284d ago

After playing a few levels, I have to say, I am hooked already. I never bought the 1st THPS games , only 3 & 4. Both great games. This game is really fun and the challenges are really great. Just a fun game overall. It's certainly weird playing with buttons and not analogs after so long.