EA chief executive: 'Free-to-play is anything but free'

The CEO of Electronic Arts has sent a message to investors that its free-to-play business is becoming increasingly lucrative.

John Riccitiello, who is facing questions over his company's share price falling to a ten-year low, insisted that the move into free-to-play is boosting revenues.
"There's a lot of power in free-to-play," he said.

"And by the way, for what it's worth, free-to-play is anything but free. We have lots of games that are 'free-to-play', where paying users are giving us ten, twenty, thirty dollars a month.

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Them_Bones2283d ago

If EA use the word 'free' twice in one sentence it must mean that one cancels out the other.

darthv722283d ago

the catch phrase of "free-to-play" to:
"but wait, there's more"

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SaffronCurse2283d ago

Free to play are games where you are given the choice to buy small microtransactions for virtual goods etc.

Giving you a level cap until level 15 does not make it free to play.

vega2752283d ago

I'm starting to hate free to play (pay to win) more than I do DLC.

Dlacy13g2283d ago

Free to play has become the new hotness in the industry and the term gets thrown around a ton. Most "free to play" are actually more like "Pay to enjoy" not so much pay to win...but you will have a far more fun experience if you pay for it. The industry is going nuts with this kind of model and I think we are going to see a bubble burst on it quickly. For as many success stories there are, there are far more failed stories.

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The story is too old to be commented.