Rumor 101: Gears of War 2 Details and Map Revealed? reports: "The headlines are stunning enough, so brace yourself for the zapping jolt of '08 from the house of Epic and Microsoft. There is no story necessary for the smash hit Gears of War for anyone who owns a 360 out there. So censoring on all the chitter-chatter from here and there, lets head straight to the lowdown on one of the most anticipated sequels of 2008.

-Unreal 3.5 engine
-4 new weapons
-Twice as big as the previous game..."

Hit the jump for further details

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Amagai Shuusuke4383d ago

But if it is released this year
it will certainly keep the 360
near the top.

HeartlesskizZ4383d ago

I hope MS dont have any bugs on LIVE by the time this game arrives...
this game will fight with COD4 for the most played game online =D

lawman11084383d ago

Close that 9 MILLION unit gap and the 600,000 games more sold A WEEK gap and we can start to talk about the PS3.

littletad4383d ago

That's an awesome avatar. Now let's hope this weeks manga release is good.

BigBoy20004383d ago

is the best on the 360! I know I'm probably offending a few million halo-holics, but I think gears of war is so much more fun! I'm stoked for this sequel!!!

robbo9184383d ago

Uh lawman if you are saying that the X360 has sold 9 million units more than PS3 you need to check your facts, try around 7 million gap and currently shrinking as the PS3 has outsold the X360 WW for the past 5+ weeks and counting.

Martini4382d ago

By what a 20K ?? good luck catching up you are going to need it :)

robbo9184382d ago

The key is its 20k and up to 30-40k couple of those weeks and its January, not exactly the busy season, just sit back and wait. Even if the gap closes slowly (which I think its going to grow in PS3's favor very quickly) its still closing not growing. PS3 is picking up steam, this is its second year and I personally think its going to close the gap fast. I admit the X360 is a good machine with some pretty good titles coming out this year but Sony didn't own the market with PSOne and PS2 by chance. Anyway, to each his/her own and good luck X360.

Texas GMR4382d ago

If they:
GTA IV = price drop (spring time)
GOW = price drop (fall/Christmas)

It's going to be a good year for 360 system and software sales.

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shotputking4383d ago

i've looked at the article, and can not figure out where they got any of this info from... and is that drawing really how gears maps start out?? if anyone can clarify where this info came from, that would be great.

BenzMoney4383d ago

Yeah, the source looks like junk. Junk submission.

Foliage4382d ago

The source doesn't matter, it's a 360 story. They will believe anything.

I hope they don't ruin this game, and I hope the maps are bigger with more players. I'm still playing the first one, since I don't like halo that is about all I play on the 360, really.

Valin4383d ago

Had any Relation to epic it would probably be fairly easy to get this kinda of info.

Also yes that is how many maps in many game's start off. Way it goes in terms of Development.

Gameplay Formula/Artistic Direct (eg. will it be in a Power plant or a field)

Geometry would be place on the map and played through to see if Gamepla formula worked.

If all goes well it goes off to the artists and coders to be made into a level.

Then Testing until absolutely perfect.

AceLuby4383d ago

This isn't even news? It's complete speculation w/ a 'map' drawn w/ MSPaint. 4 new weapons... what are they? UE3.5... WTF is that? Twice as big... you got that from this one mspainted map.

Come on...