How Should A Shadow Of The Colossus Film Be Adapted?

"If the production is going to be visual-effects heavy, then I can see it translated as a Wrath of the Titans-type David vs. Goliath extravaganza. Though that depends on how much money Sony is willing to spend on the production. Given that film executives and writers/directors (in the past) have butchered game adaptations to “cater” to the film-going masses, and failing horribly, there’s trepidation within the gaming community on the direction and story of the film itself." - JTM Games

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WillGuitarGuy2284d ago

Nice article. I hope it does turn out as an film like Wrath of the Titans except without the cheesy feel and under developed story. They should really take his time when making this.

The Meerkat2284d ago

Wrath of the Titans was awful yet it was still better than Immortals.

I'd rather they went down the anime route a bit like the Dantes Inferno movie. Then if they get that right move on to a live action adaptation.

Rainstorm812284d ago

I dont see how this would work there is very little dialog in the game, and they would most likely reduce the number of Clossi as well, probably from 16 to like 4.

They really have a task on their hands attempting to make a movie for this game, as great as the game is a movie seems like it could only be lackluster

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

A film like this does not make sense to exist.

Remove some colossus, add some soundtrack that was not in the game and dialogues that do not have justification to exist, add some Hollywood tipical direction and you will have a film that the mass would watch.

And it would make those who enjoyed the experience that the work of art offers throw up.

This won' t be Shadow of the Colossus.

I am strongly opposed to this film because distorting SotC like this is absolutely obscene.

TheObserver2284d ago

How are they going to make a movie about a dude who Wanders and only say Agro 90% the time? Agro! Agro!? Agro? Agro....

No thanks.