The Last Of Us’ dynamic stealth & ‘live’ inventory management is risky say director

The Last Of Us game director Bruce Straley has explained a little more about the stealth in the game and the dynamically aware AI system that mean that opponents know if one of their group is missing.

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Them_Bones2308d ago

All the better.
I've never seen a game before where each individual enemy AI feels like a real person and not just a bunch of filler to make your path to the next objective a challenge.

Minato-Namikaze2308d ago

If everyone played it safe we would never get anywhere. Kudos to ND

BlmThug2308d ago

Agreed. Taking risks is what moves the industry forward

baodeus2308d ago

Then obviously u haven't play enough games.

Them_Bones2308d ago

I've played my fair share what makes you say that, this game is revolutionary when it comes to enemy AI, just like L.A. Noire was revolutionary when it came to motion capture.

baodeus2308d ago

Then tell me what game u have played so far that u think have decent ai first, then described in detail why u think LoS AI is revolution and where did u get your source from. Once u post them, ill let u know why your assessment of other games AI r just filler because u haven't play enough game.
secondly have u already play LOS or u just based your "AI revolution" claimed from some video ND showed u or describe to u about their "revolution" AI?

Them_Bones2308d ago

After reading through that several times I finally got some idea of what you're asking...

I didn't base my revolution claim on anything ND said, I don't have any source its just my opinion and of course I haven't played the TLOU because it's kinda not out yet...
I simply said this is the first game where it feels like each individual enemy AI feels alive, because they have their own unique set of dialogue, the way they communicate with each other and the way they can sense danger and how they approach a fight.
I didn't say other games had decent AI, it's just TLOU brings AI to a whole new level.

baodeus2308d ago

I don't know anything yet either, so i can't make such claim if LOS has revolutionary AI. Just based on description though, it sounds similar to what Crytek is trying to do with their AI in crysis 2 (It works quite well if only it wasn't so dam glitchy)

Although I'm thinking you haven't play fable 2 yet right?

If you want full description of how realistic the NPCs can get to being real human (including everything that you just described, and more) in Fable 2 I'll be happy to describe them to you in details. Just PM me.

Although Bastion should also be mentioned. That games is all about experimenting on how many ways can the AI narrator response to your every action (it almost as if the narrator is an actual person sitting next to me giving comment about what i'm doing).

Wizziokid2308d ago

I just want to play this now

VanguardOfCalamity2308d ago

"Am I going to be offensive or defensive?"

offensive all the way :)

ItsMeAgain2308d ago

Glad you have your mind set, but who knows if the game makes you go defensive when you see yourself with just one bullet on the gun ^_^

neutralgamer192308d ago

If everyone played it safe we wouldnt have had the epicness that is Uncharted 2 or the great Heavy Rain and so many other games.

N.D. aren't perfect but imo they are the best devs this gen and i will buy anything they sell. Of course they have committed errors such as changing the UC3 mp which imo was perfect during the first summer beta (not the bs subway one that was horrible) but all in all their games are top notch and enjoyable.

BlackPrince 422308d ago

N.D. is definitely the leading developer of the generation.

Hopefully The Last of Us will be to the horror genre what Uncharted 2 was to the action genre and reinvigorate that sector of the industry.

neutralgamer192308d ago

With how good the AL is going to be and the semi open world feel and different routes you can take i know this game will be cream of the crop. The grpahics are a given so im interested in the other aspects of it. Just give me that adrenaline pumping, creature killing and life threatening feel and im all in. From what i saw with the shotgun blast in the trailer its all gooddddddddd.

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