Ubisoft: we wanted Splinter Cell Conviction to be stealthier

OXM UK: "Splinter Cell Creative Director Maxime Beland has told OXM that the troubled development of 2010's Splinter Cell Conviction meant that the team weren't able to include the features that fans and media would have wanted."

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ape0072280d ago

chaos theory = best SC game ever

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2280d ago

ps2/xbox console genration > 360/ps3 current generation.

lastdual2280d ago

Yep. I miss going nonlethal and totally ghosting through stages. Also crawlspaces. The old SC games actually made me feel like a spy.

Conviction's co-op was fun, but the campaign itself relied way too heavily on mark-and-execute.

nukeitall2280d ago

Well let's hope Black List is even better. I really enjoyed SC:Conviction, and didn't like the Splinter Cell: Double Agent as much due to inconsistencies in being detected i.e. it wasn't quite predictable.

dirigiblebill2280d ago

I reckon Pandora Tomorrow nailed it - Chaos Theory was great but more of an iteration on PT than a giant leap.

EazyC2280d ago

We wanted it to be stealthier too! :( Splinter Cell is the only game that did it *really* well. I remember Chaos Theory had badass stealth elements.

lonesoul652280d ago

I enjoyed conviction as a stand alone game. It was fun and you could still play stealthy though it was a departure from the earlier games. I agree that SC was probably the best in the series as Conviction really didn't play to all the new strengths it introduced. A mix of the two will be welcomed for sure, maybe if they would have just branded it a little different it might have sat better with the original fan base

FarCryLover1822280d ago

Ahh...blowing smoke about Conviction in hopes of bringing old fans back to the series eh? Sorry, but I don't think I'll ever return.

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