10 More Movies That Need To Be Video Games

WC writes: Mark Webb’s reboot of Spider-Man isn’t just doing big business at the box office. The video game tie-in has also spun itself a respectable tally of sales, and has snagged itself a peak position in recent gaming charts.

It’s not the only video game based on a film that we’ll see this year either. Other upcoming games based on big movies include Disney’s Wreck It-Ralph, Aliens: Colonial Marines and a smorgasbord of different Bond films in the Skyfall tie-in 007 Legends.

But while many upcoming summer blockbusters will inevitably be transformed into video games of varying quality, are there any films which have already been released that also deserve to make the jump onto game consoles ? As a follow-up to our earlier list of 10 films which have the potential to become awesome video games, here’s another batch of classic – and not-so-classic – flicks which should be transformed into virtual romps.

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Pozzle2371d ago

Falling Down was a great movie, and I think it could definitely be made into a great game under the right developer.