Feature: Epic Knows the Secrets of the PS3

GamePro grills Unreal Tournament 3 producer Jeff Morris on PlayStation 3 performance, tricks to working with the Cell processor, and his favorite moments in UT3.

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fightingILLINI4380d ago

who knew the secret was to bust your ass?! wow! if everyone would stop half assing and put in the work you would see the ps3 for its true power. that will never happen because people are too lazy.

BrianC62344380d ago

It's not really even that hard. It's just different. Anything different will be hard at first. The developers who complain about the PS3 being too hard are in for a rude awakening. This multi-core stuff is the future. Just get with it now and learn how to do it. If I was a developer I'd like getting to learn something so different.

Daytona4380d ago

Use twice as many developers and put in twice as many man hours to get something decent and playable.

Multicore development is the future you say? Of course it is, first the PC's brought us dual core, then the Xbox 360 jumped ahead w/the Three core processor that has 2 threads per core. There secret was building freely supplying a useable dev kit for developers.

Too bad sony didn't do the same. Ease of use makes it all good.

wizerd4380d ago

good to see some developers getting to grips with the ps3 power

mikeslemonade4380d ago

UT3 isn't a technical showpiece. The biggest accomplishment is the mods which is the first ever done right on a console.

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DJ4380d ago

UT3 is their first PS3 title, and thankfully it's pretty good. Their current complaint of course is that the CPU is running on CPU memory and that the GPU is running on GPU memory, and that they can't currently delegate textures to the CPU memory...which technically isn't true.

Right now they're doing a basic PC setup, but if they decide to put that 35GB/s connection between Cell and RSX (as well as RSX's cpu ram texture lookup logic) then they'll have a lot more than 256 MB of memory to work with in regards to the GPU. Hell, they could even render on Cell if they wanted to, like what Incog and Guerilla are doing.

Ju4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

I agree. If I read his read his comments correctly, UE3 is still a very conservative approach. They still schedule smaller parts to static (?) allocated SPUs. They still do not use texture streaming (or/and compression). I think in regards to PS3 tech they got a lot out of their engine to make it run pretty, but a lot more could be done. If you compare that to first party titles where more and more incorporate full streaming and dynamic scheduling of SPUs. Reduces memory footprint even more and creates a better load balance thru all SPUs. Ah yes, and does the UE3 support procedural textures ?

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The story is too old to be commented.