What’s Wrong With Battlefield 4?

WC writes: EA recently officially announced Battlefield 4 recently, the follow up to 2011′s mega-hit Battlefield 3. However, despite BF3′s acclaim, BF4 is not getting a good wrap. Not at all. Common fan complaints are that DICE skipped Bad Company 3 and BF2143 to make a new core game. Another favourite is that the game is coming too soon.

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Them_Bones2335d ago

Everybody complaining about BF4 being too early will buy it on day 1 anyway so what does EA care.
They're used to their whiny fanbase and their hypocritical ways.

taquito2335d ago

i dont get why people are crying

its not hard to understand

medal of honor

then battlefield

then medal of honor

then crysis 4

then battlefield

then medal of honor

then crysis 5

dragon age 6

medal of honor


dead space 22

medal of honor


guitar hero.....woops....wait cool with a new battlefield game every two years

seriously, thats awesome, and supporting it all two years with tons of maps, awesome

just make sure you keep pushing the engine

my pc is laughing at bf3 in ultra, maxx aa and 1200p

what else you got dice, i want more tesselation, better plant life, more destruction

freaking bring it on

make frostbite 3.0 cause you know unreal 4 is on your heels!!

also, freaking make some new damn consoles so kids can actually play a battlefield game with their controllers

i have seen bf3 on console, and while sub hd, 12v12 tiny maps, jaggies, pop-in, screen tear are normal for console games, that aint battlefield

the next consoles NEED to come out NOW, so people can actually play these games

we were just playing a 64v64 on caspian, it was frantic, chaotic, "WARLIKE"

12v12 is like a ghost town

Tonester9252335d ago

Well... What's going to be happen when BF3 runs out of DLC and gets stale. "WHERES BF4?!"

Happens with every game

JBSleek2335d ago

EA mocked and ridiculed Activsion for the way they do business and having a stagnate annual release of a game and what do they do?

They say let's do that too. It just leaves a bad feeling in some fans as they are going to get the same treatment of the Call of Duty franchise.

No matter if it is BC3 or BF4 it shouldn't come out 2013 at all as that would mean we will see MoH and Battlefield yearly such as MW and Black Ops.

beerkeg2335d ago

How can it be an annual release when it's coming out 2 years later?

yoyo121212335d ago

At lest its something new with COD it's the some stuff just different guns

JBSleek2335d ago

This is what I'm talking about. Now that your franchise does it it is now justified but when Activision was doing it, it was unacceptable.

Gamers only care when things are relevant to them and then they can find excuses for what other franchises do but since the game I enjoy does it, it is perfectly fine.

Get real.

Arctura2335d ago

Epic recently announced the next Gears game, and I didn't really see any backlash. Granted, it seems like it's going to be more of an "ODST" type deal than a full fledged, AAA title (I could be wrong), but I thought it was interesting that it's being released less than two years after 3 with similar graphics/art direction.

JBSleek2335d ago

Epic didn't verbally attack Activision and ridicule them and then turn around and do the exact same thing.

Something they pledged was to not be like Call of Duty and what do they do? Be like Cal of Duty.

Epic and Gears don't go around mocking the competition then copy them.

ginsunuva2335d ago

I gave backlash to GeoW Judgement. Do I count?

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