Black Ops 2: New Beginning Or Death Rattle

WC writes: Whilst the FPS genre is still a success; its draining lack of character story, or any story which doesn’t needlessly increase nuclear fear from the Middle East is dragging it down to the point where it is no longer a necessity to see the new creative interpretations of these games; because there are none.

Which brings us to Black Ops 2.

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doctorstrange2284d ago

It'll have a ton of marketing and sell really well but just be average.

PoSTedUP2284d ago

it'll sell well because it'll be awesome like the first one.

i cant wait for blackops to come out on vita

FarCryLover1822284d ago

I don't buy Call of Duty annually....but I do buy the Treyarch ones. Zombies are a great co-op game, and Treyarch campaigns at least are pretty fun to blast through in a day or so (this isn't a campaign I'd replay). Their multiplayer also offers some changes like one in the chamber, etc... that aren't found in other matchmaking games.

tl;dr : Treyarch makes a fun game. CoD is not the greatest but they make the best ones and theirs are fun (but do lack substance as do all CoD's. Kinda like an appetizer to the full course).