Capcom Anticipated Fan Reaction to New Dante and Devil May Cry

Video game publisher Capcom was prepared for the reaction that the fan community had to the new look of the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot.

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ritsuka6662310d ago

I too am hoping that DINO here (Dante In Name Only) is never seen again after this game flops hard.

I was willing to give it a chance, but the more I see of it, the worse it looks.

Smkt2310d ago

real fans should look to MG: Rising for their DMC fix...

To be fair the game looks nice even if DONTE' is annoying as shit.. i just hope they bring it out on pc so i can play it at 60fps with no screen tearing.

rezzah2309d ago

I care more for the story, I want the original to end before they decide to move on with this new story.

Because the only connection between this story and the original is the NAME Dante, Ebony & ivory, and that's about it (so far).

Snookies122310d ago

Yay! Someone with sense! I was willing to give it a try at first too, but now... Well let's just say I'd rather Devil May Cry die out here than see the series continue with this fake Dante.

Wizziokid2310d ago

Well this is obvious anyone, be it movies or games would anticipate a reaction when changing the look (or anything related) of a character, it comes with the territory.

Godmars2902310d ago

They would have handled things better if they knew.

If they knew fans at all MML3 wouldn't have been the mess it was.

rezzah2309d ago

Simply put, they just don't care even when they knew what was to come.

What they are trying to do is create a wider audience for increase profit.

Just look at RE6.

They are NOT trying to please the ORIGINAL fans.

Godmars2902309d ago

You'd think it would be common sense in business terms to keep our core user market while also trying to appeal to new customers.

What the hell happened to it?

rezzah2309d ago

they already tried that^

DMC4 introduced romance for the first time for the sole reason of increasing the female audience.

While the game was still DMC, the romance aspect was totally new when compared to the previous games.

I personally didn't enjoy it as I don't see that the series needs, and it doesn't (Capcom's greed wants it).

The best theme song for any DMC game is the one for DMC3. DMC4's first half is similar, which made it really good. However when the second half came in, the song was ripped to shreds, it was like a R&B song, or well it just went from hardcore to Romeo & Juliet.

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The story is too old to be commented.