Sony's overlooked all-stars

BT writes: Sony seem to have lost their way. What seemed originally to be a showcase for Sony's exclusive properties, allowing Nathan Drake to kick PaRappa the Rapper in the throat and Sly Cooper to perform a knee-drop on Kratos, has become impure. Cross-platform characters are invading, such as BioShock's Big Daddy and, announced this week, one of the fighters from the Tekken series.

This confuses me, as Sony seems to be skipping over a wealth of unused characters that are exclusive to Sony platforms.

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Relientk772307d ago

I dont want any of them in the game as playable characters anyway

blitz06232307d ago

Wait, what? Has the full roster been announced already?!!!

Relientk772307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Not yet :-/

but the roster looks good so far

shoddy2307d ago

Already in love with this game.
Can't wait.

GodHandDee2307d ago

You know what confuses 'me'? That these stupid journalist fail to understand such bitching should wait until we see the full roster!

And Tekken has been a very important part of Playstation since the start.

JoySticksFTW2307d ago

Tekken is definitely an important part of ps history.

I'd like Lara Croft, Kain, Crash and Medieval characters as well

trinide2307d ago

they tried to put lara croft in the game but some spoke guy from laras company tweeted a message that said: Yeeeeah no thanks

Mkai282307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I am starting to believe this game is a mistake, if these are the characters ppl can come up with:(

Honest_gamer2307d ago

i thought of an ingenious idea, hold onto your seat because it's a pretty big bomb shell.
here goes: dont buy it then, stop your bitching on articles and just dont buy it, i wont be getting black ops 2, dont see me on every (or any for that mater) saying black ops 2 is a mistake etc

Mkai282307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Soo, just because I say my option on how this game would be a mistake because of these lame characters you sh$t all over your panties? Have we met before where you see me supposedly "bitching" on articles assuming I am that " guy".Get what I am saying, it's not really Sony all stars when it's not even Sony characters. And why do you mention black ops as if I played it? I tell you what, when you pay my mortgage then you can tell me what and what not to buy.

So sorry to have hurt your Sony feelings:(

BitbyDeath2307d ago

Point is you can't say a certain game is a mistake just because you don't like it when obviously thousands if not millions of others could.

Honest_gamer2307d ago

i would love crash to be the last boss he was pretty much the poster "boy" of the ps1 era

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The story is too old to be commented.