Wii U: It’s Not A Threat To 360

X360: Nintendo’s Wii U is taking a new approach, but so is the 360′s SmartGlass. Can the Wii U compete with the Xbox 360 when Microsoft’s console is so flexible?

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Wizziokid2285d ago

In my personal opinion I would rather have a remote like the Wii U pad over having to use a main controller and a tablet / smart phone or w.e.

but again it's down to opinion, we don't know how successful the Wii U will be, sure a lot of people are saying it will fail but we don't know it could be another hit like the Wii or it could have a slow start them expand into something huge, only time will tell. these articles don't help anything

EVILDEAD3602284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

After E3 it is clear that Wii-U is not threat to the 360. That absolutely does not mean it wont be a success in it's own right.

For Wii-U to have been a direct threat to th 360 they would have needed launch games that were on the level of a Halo 4 or a Gears 3...they don't.

They would have had to knock off Micrsoft's biggest asset..Xbox Live..and nothing they have shown leads anyone to believe they are even close on the online front.

They would have needed a motion control game that pushes the boundaries and was so innovative that made Kinect obsolete to the casual..they don't

Smartglass does not make the Wii-u tablet obsolete..but when I see vids of people putting their Wii-U tablet on the ground just to play a golf game it makes Kinect look even better. The fact that millions upon millions own the the tech that Smart Glass connects to was just a 'smart play' for Microsoft.

Add in Windows 8 and Micrsoft Surface and the 360 just has all of it's basis covered on that front.

If I got one the game to get would obviously be Zombie-U..but that game isn't going to compete with the onslaught of hardcore games coming this fall and holiday.

Maybe in 2013, when Super Mario Galaxy U or Mario kart U drops will the masses peel in the direction of the Wii-U..but by then the 720 and PS4 will be poised to release as well.

I will never count Nintendo out (especially in Japan) but they are in a bit of strange place overall this time coming back into the hardware front.


Salamander2284d ago

Sorry Evil, but Xbox aint the juggernaught you make it out to be. I am fairly certain that their aim is for another "Wii" success not "Xbox" success, Nintendo afterall are the ones to beat next gen. A question though what games are releasing for smartglass? what i understand so far is that its a device which doesen't offer direct gameplay ineraction but rather menus, gps, maps and game info.

Phil Spencer apparently said this- "It just makes so much sense for a developer who wants to supply, maybe not time-critical information, like 'that enemy is getting ready to shoot you,' but information that augments what's happening on screen."

It seems alot of core players complained about this being a tacky WiiU gimmick. But because of the lack of latency im going to say that the WiiU is a superior gamimg device. Besides you only need two hands for a WiiU... unless you tape the iPhone to the side of your cap, awesome.

EVILDEAD3602284d ago

@ Salamander

Who said Xbox was some kind of 'juggernaught' the article is about Wii-U being a threat to the 360.

It isn't and believe me smart glass isnt the main reason. In fact, smart glass again was just a smart 'play' from Microsoft tech wise.

Again, I'm just keeping it real..just because Wii-U isn't a threat to the 360 does not mean it is t going to be successful. People can't seem to separate the fact that consoles can have separate lanes.

As a fan of the original Wii and motion gaming period I just felt like Nintendo had a real shot at striking lightning twice as E3 this year. IMO they are going to have a tougher go-around because of how effective the current gen is on so many levels. That includes comp from the original Wii itself.

Bottomline, this threat to the holiday might be the year we all are starving for one like the original Wii..Nintendo just has their work cut out for them.


dubt722284d ago

Don't worry Evil, you're just caught under a dogpile of outraged Ninty fans and opportunistic Sony 'boys.

Salamander2284d ago

Yeah i know you or the writer didnt actually say the word "juggernaught", it just sounds like you and the article are implying it. You use the sentence "they would have..." in your first article alot, implying the WiiU has been released already.... there are games yet to be anounced for the launch window and we dont know what their online service is capable of yet.

Oh and i completely agree with you, consoles can have seperate lanes.. nothing wrong with that.

"Who said Xbox was some kind of 'juggernaught' the article is about Wii-U being a threat to the 360."

"It isn't and believe me smart glass isnt the main reason. In fact, smart glass again was just a smart 'play' from Microsoft tech wise."

It isnt a 'juggernaught'?- smartglass isnt the main reason? - im confusion.

You seem to have a few contradictions in your argument Evil. You say they can have different makets, but not a threat to XBOX- maybe next holiday season- its as if Xbox is a 'juggernaught'. You make good points Evil, but none of them relevant to the ones i raised.

@DERP72 For the record im not a fanboy, i dont own a Wii, granted nor an Xbox. I do own a PS3 does that sole fact make me a sony fanboy?. Pull your head in son.

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I think microsofts outlook is awesome, with todays society going mobile. It be awesome to use onces cell phone as a rear view mirror for games like forza or whatever else racing game there is. Or a fps game where i can look at detailed specs of guns... or my personal achievments in game ...i think smart glass is a solid direction.

ChickeyCantor2285d ago

Yes the latency will be ace /s

live2play2284d ago

its solid alright

a solid pile of [email protected]#

Dailynch2285d ago

It depends what developers do with the tech (both of them) but it has to be said, SmartGlass has taken the wind out of Nintendo's Wii U sails.

yabhero2285d ago

How? I don' t get it, with SmartGlas you can't control directly an it's not a real time stream of data. How do the even compare?

NiteX2284d ago

The Wii U has nothing to worry about, smart glass won't even be able to compete with it.

quantae062284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

How do u go from saying that to saying that the Wii U is just a XBOX 360, to saying that they aren't even a threat to the XBOX 360. Microsoft sounds a little scared lol. What a terrible article also.

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