Sony Detail 2012 Gamescom Press Conference

TSA: "Sony have just issued the first details on their gamescom 2012 press conference."

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insomnium22286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

It will be interesting. If Sony brings out a super slim PS3 and releases it with a 200 dollar pricetag people will go insane. You heard it here first folks :)

andibandit2286d ago

Exchange PS3 with Vita, and you might be on to something

gaffyh2286d ago

Most likely, they'll discount Vita through adding more value. For example they'll give you a free game for the same price. If they can get a PS3 at $150, that would be insane, and would be competing with the 360. It's unlikely, but the 16GB PS3 rumor suggests that this may happen.

Biggest2286d ago

I'm pretty sure that there will still be plenty of sites and blogs getting their Debbie Downer on.

"PS3 Price Cut! Sony Finally Admits They Were Price Gouging!"

"Sony Drops PS3 Price! Too Little Too Late?"

"New PS3 Super Slim! Sony Removes More Features! Now They Take Away Four Pounds! When Will They Stop Stealing From Gamers?!"

blitz06232286d ago

While I'll really be excited over a $200 slimmer PS3, I'm more interested and hoping for a Vita price cut. If not a price cut, a really good bundle.

darthv722286d ago

we like to believe there is this enormous group of hold outs out there that are waiting for the right time to get a ps3. It has been on the market for 6 years. I cant say for sure but I would venture a guess that those who wanted one between launch and now.

A cheaper ps3 would spike sales but not in the hopes of it overtaking total units sold for the wii or even coming close to ps1/2 sales. Those days are over. People have either moved on to something else like mobile, pc or competition or a content with what they have.

A cheaper ps3 is a welcome thing in this economy but I have to say that commanding the $60+ price for games is another factor in the success of a system. All platforms are guilty of high prices for games that just dont seem like they are worth it.

sony has a great list of exclusive titles but they also have the most to lose if people dont see the value in those games. This gen reminds me so much of the genesis vs snes time.

Back then, both parties knew it was software prices that drove hardware sales and worked to try and find a happy medium in the 40-50 range.

insomnium22286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )


Well PS2 exploded in sales after it reached it's sub 200 dollar pricepoint. I can't seem to recall how long it took from launch for PS2 to drop there but I would presume it took years.

I fail to see you right with a comment like this. I would be willing to bet my life savings that PS3 will reach 100 million sold in it's lifetime quite easily. My prediction is that PS3 will pass the Wii in LTD sales around 110-115 million sold. I don't know/care how long it takes but I'm pretty sure it WILL happen. We'll get back to this in 6-8 years and see if I was right OK?

MysticStrummer2286d ago

@Biggest - Yeah and every one of those articles will show up on N4G, approved by the usual suspects.



I've been thinking the same here.

The current highest priced PS3 SKU is 300 USD.

If the new hardware is actually cheaper I'd say they are aiming for 250 dollars tops.

With 3SKUs having 50bucks difference between themselves (as usual) it looks like 250USD for the 500GB, 200USD for the 250GB and 150USD for 16GB.

Even if 16GB is a typo and it's supposed to be 160GB I don't think it would greatly add to the price as HDD are cheap parts, specially for manufacturers that buy 'em in loads.

It could give Sony that so desired boost in sales to make PS3 more in line with PS2 and PS1 numbers (even though we know that PS3 will remain in market for years after PS4 is out).

Aloren2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Yeah but it will be different, for a number of reasons.
First, the PS2 also reached its sub $200 pricepoint about 2 years after its initial launch. 18 months in Europe and America. It also dominated the competition even before the price cut... it dominated so much that it had reached 100 million by early december 2005, and both the GC and XBOX were dead by then. After that, it was the only cheap options for a few years.

The PS3 still has competition though. Don't expect MS and Nintendo to just wait... The Wii may be dead, but the wii u is coming and it will compete with current gen systems. As for MS, well, there hasn't been a price cut in years and their lowest price is only $100 cheaper than it was 6 years ago, while the cheapest PS3 is already $250 cheaper than at launch; so they'll probably just match any price cut easily.

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abzdine2286d ago


Gamescom will be very hardware oriented as well as Vita software (hopefully).

PS Gaikai will be detailed along with a brand new gameplay video of The Last of Us, just like they did with U2 and 3.

You heard it here first folks! Stay tuned!

hennessey862286d ago

They don't show to much of the last of us like they did with UC3.

Jazz41082286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The problem with the ps3 vs the ps2 is its overly complicated to use for the causal or light gamer where the ps2 you could put a disc in and play. With ps3 you have to have large harddrives for monthly firmware updates, you have to mandantory install most all he games and the xmb is a mess to use with each feature buried in menu after sub menus. The average user will not go for this and its why the 360 has done the numbers with the casual as its as simple as putting a disc in and playing like the ps2 was. This is my opinion but I believe it to be true as I own both and worked in a gameing store for quite a while as a manager and listened to the complaints.

PirateThom2286d ago

@Jazz4108 - Hard drives have nothing to do with the firmware.

Mandatory installs don't affect the usage, since it tells you it's doing it.

There, at most, main menu > sub menu > options, same as 360 if you're changing anything.

PS3 allows disc autostart and, worse case, will load right to the disc icon, click X and you are playing.

If casual gamers can't figure that out, they're not playing on 360 either SINCE IT'S BASICALLY THE SAME.

bofuknjanglez2286d ago

Ill put my money on Tokyo Games Show as the venue to release cheaper slimmer Ps3 seeing as its right around the corner of 2012 Holidays and that would most likely secure ps3 as the holiday sales victor. This will also give time to build more inventory and make more money on current units taking up shelf space, but perhaps they could announce a price drop on current style units for Gamescom and then show the new model for Tokyo Game Show.Too bad this is all pure speculation who know what will happen ;)

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Persistantthug2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I don't believe the rumors of this whimsical 16GB SSD model.

It just doesn't jibe with Sony's overall strategy of selling games and content out of their PSN store. And I also don't believe that putting a 16GB SSD drive will be "cheap enough" vs a 160GB harddrive that would warrant the loss of sales opportunity.

Price drop + redesign = Yes
16GB SSD unit = No

Wintersun6162286d ago

That would be 16GB of flash storage, not SSD! It would cost barely nothing to Sony and would be enough for a more casual version of the PS3 and would allow to add a proper HDD. Makes perfect sense and would allow the price to drop even more and would also lower power consumption.

Persistantthug2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The Flash ram that's used (installed) in consoles is typically of a higher density, so it's more expensive.

Now, it's not outlandishly expensive, but it does add more cost than the kind you get in a Flash card or USB stick.

However, my point is, is 160GB Harddrives are already cheap, especially by the time Sony gets them at mass produced bulk rates.

I realize they could probably save a few bucks like $5 or so...but then Sony would lose potential sales opportunities out of their PSN store, which hurts because a major part of their business model is turning to FREE TO PLAY.....and with FREE TO PLAY models, you want as many OPPORTUNITES as possible. With small Harddrives, Sony would lose opportunities with those Free 2 play games like DCUO and other potential PSN PLUS, because many of the free games would be too large.

No Harddrive, or small Harddrive rather, doesn't work well with what Sony's been trying to deliver.
That's why I say they aren't going to do it.

XBOX 360 can do it, because they on LIVE they have much smaller games....but not in the case of the PS3/PSN.

Wintersun6162286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

But you also have to consider that 160GB hard drives won't be manufactured much longer anymore, because there are very few buyers for them anymore.

Also logic dictates that an integrated 16GB is cheaper than a 160GB HDD. Not only because those cards are still produced in mass quantities for a large range of devices, but also because of less materials used.

16GB would be quite enough for some people. Not for me, or for you, but for some casual gamers and more importantly those who buy the PS3 for it's media capabilites. That's probably a niche market, but I don't see any reason to ignore that part of consumers. Also it would be great for some very low budget gamers who would make do with 16GB and buy a HDD later.

This version is not meant to be sold to the core gamers but to the other smaller consumer groups as a low entry model instead and as long as there are other choices available, I don't see how this can hurt Sony.

Cryptcuzz2286d ago

I don't see how a 16 GB PS3 SKU would not make sense.

I am surprised they haven't had a SKU to compete with the 360 4 GB SKU when that was released in the first place.

With a 16 GB SKU, Sony could cater to the casual gamers and impulse buyers with a much lower price point.

Moms and dad would be willing to buy the PS3 for their kids or themselves just for the kids games, sports games, fitness games etc. as well as doubling as a Blu-Ray player at $99-$150 range.

Another point is, the 16 GB would be favorable to those who know that they can upgrade the hard drives themselves, which could result it being the more popular SKU.

It can work, especially if it coincides with a slimmer PS3 model.

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360ICE2286d ago

No, I didn't. God knows where I did in fact hear it first, but right now it's all over the place.

Nimblest-Assassin2286d ago

Guys.. before you all start imagining scenarios.... remember to not set your expectations to high

Set them low, so you always feel slightly better after the conferene

360ICE2285d ago

Amen to that. I got really disappointed at E3 2009 when Jesus didn't come back to rescue mankind from evil, and no solid release date was set for GT5 either.

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Nawert2286d ago

Bring on the announcements!

stevenhiggster2286d ago

I hope they announce an advertising campaign for the Vita!

stunkilla2286d ago

i wanna see guild wars 2 like they said

Darth Stewie2286d ago

Sony confirm a new slim PS3, price drop, and announce more PSABR characters. These are all but confirmed for sure.

CADmanjules2286d ago

hoping for a Crash Bandicoot and Spyro addition to the PSABR roster!

slaton242285d ago

those two characters will be part of a DLC so activision can charge you $10 for being serious that would be freaking cool also why not add medival character and hoping for to much, megaman

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