Black Ops II’s story “is better than most movies”

Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s story is better than that of many films. That’s according to game writer David S. Goyer – co-author of The Dark Knight Rises – speaking in a brand new behind the scenes video from Treyarch and Activision.

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CaptCalvin2286d ago

And how's that an achievement?

PoSTedUP2286d ago

in COD games....? call it one Hell of an achievement.

and also i love the fact that activision and infiniward split. now we have two killer FPS's rather than a good one and a crappy one. MWF3 >MWF2

CaptCalvin2286d ago

I said that because "most movies" include a lot of crap ones.

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Fyflin2286d ago

I'm happy they're making more of an effort with the story this time around but that is a ridiculously foolish claim.

cstyle2286d ago

I believe it since most movies only average 2 out of 5 stars anyway.

PoSTedUP2286d ago

its not hard to make a good story... i can make a really good one up right now. so this guy works as a janitor at a college, and finds this really hard math equation that no one can figure out and ends up solving it, and realizing he is a genius etc.

amaguli2286d ago

There is nothing wrong with a little confidence, but come on man. Words like that will only make people want to see you fail, and this being COD, I am sure the story will be the equivalent like a Michael Bay film, like the the rest of the series.

TopDudeMan2286d ago

I like the story mode in call of duty games. Thay are a lot like a lot of old war movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.