Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – The State of the Game

WC writes: BioWare needs to fix this game. They need to speed up the leveling at lower levels. They need to give you your mount for much cheaper and you should get it as soon as you get your starship. They need to cut down the run time on that first instance. They need to expand the types of alien races you can play.

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noxeven2309d ago

This person clearly didnt server transfer or what it seems. i can say that the server i'm on po5 has at least all times 3 instances of fleet going just to handle the people there.

PersonaCat2309d ago

The title is wrong, this has nothing to do with kotor. On to the main topic, while I never played TOR, I'm pretty sure making the game more like WOW isn't going to help it. From what I read, having the game resemble wow is what made alot of people leave the game in the first place.

JDW2309d ago

Title needs fixed.....Knight of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is the single player RPG....also change the Xbox 360 tag, it's for PC only.