EA: Battlefield 4 UI is a big point of focus for us

The UI of Battlefield 3 has been under the HATE radar of almost all gamers. We heard many reports of it been slow, glitchy, and ugly. EA has confirmed that development team are taking these complaints about UI very seriously, and this feature will be one of the big focus for them in Battlefield 4.

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Vladplaya2335d ago

As long as they will get rid of that Facebookbattlelog junk, there might be a slight chance that I will get BF4, someday on sale... But we will see.

AO1JMM2335d ago

I disagree. I like Battlelog

mep692335d ago

i hope that's a joke.

AO1JMM2335d ago



What is so wrong with Battlelog?

Rob Hornecker2334d ago

Battlelog is a nice feature if you have a newer PC and run the latest verision of windows. Other wise its slow and incomplete.

Plagasx2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Hopefully we get both and in game browser AND a web based browser :)

RocKNocK2332d ago

I'd like to see a floor destruction in BF4 :3